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Up to 548 people in Colombia have "disappeared" during protests against inequality, say rights groups. Groups report over 1,800 cases of police violence and over 40 civilian killings, most by police, but NGOs say deaths are higher. 3 officers have been charged so far.

Thousands in Colombia continued their protests against police violence and inequality. The Colombian police have used excessive force, killing at least 40 people, says rights group @TembloresOng . Since 2000, the U.S. has given at least $10 billion in “security aid” to Colombia.

Analysis: For more than two weeks, Colombia has seen a nonstop wave of protests. Police have responded with violence, leaving more than 40 dead and hundreds injured. Here’s what you need to know.

Protests have rocked Colombia, with many outraged over police violence. “It’s a very good police force for war,” said a former police chief in Colombia.

At least 42 people have been killed at Colombia protests against inequality and police violence. 168 are reported missing. NGOs say most were killed by direct police violence. Unions, student groups & others have called for protests to continue after failed talks with the govt.

Colombia's protests were sparked by anger over pandemic-related tax reforms, but have since intensified and spread, tapping into long-simmering fury over police violence amid growing inequality and disparity.

In Cali, now the epicenter of unrest in Colombia, road blockades are creating food and gasoline shortages, while violence between protestors, riot police and armed men in civilian clothes is escalating.

CO “All around Colombia, the abuses by police are too frequent." Thousands of people are taking to the streets of Bogota to rally against police violence amid growing inequality and poverty during the pandemic

Colombia: protesters call for end to police violence as demonstrations enter third week – video

Dozens of people have died in anti-gov't protests in Colombia, amid an uptick in violence between protesters, security forces and armed civilians. Read more:


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I condemn the Colombian National Police (PNC) & the ESMAD brutality we have seen over the past 13 days against peaceful protesters in Colombia. The US must seriously reevaluate its assistance to Colombia's police & military until violence is no longer wielded against its people.

Why is Colombia protesting? ▪️ Protests began over a proposal to raise taxes on poorer people and cut some exemptions ▪️ The tax proposal was axed after protests ▪️ Protests widened in scope to address discontent over issues like inequality, unemployment, police violence

At least 37 people in Colombia have been killed at protests and hundreds wounded, says an NGO monitoring police violence. Police have used live fire at people protesting poverty and human rights abuses, killing at least 1 minor: "We young people are giving up our lives."

At least 30 people in Colombia have been killed at protests amid reports of police brutality, say NGOs. 89 are reported "disappeared." People are protesting rising poverty, inequality and police violence during the pandemic: ▪️ Poverty is nearly 50% ▪️ Unemployment is 17%

Violence in Colombia protests escalates amid allegations of police excess

Thousands of Indigenous people traveled to Colombia's capital to protest violence.⁣ ⁣ Eighty-nine Indigenous leaders have been murdered so far in 2020.⁣

Yesterday, Colombia reiterated the Lima Group’s call to the Venezuelan Armed Forces not to block humanitarian channels. Those who follow Maduro’s orders of violence will be held accountable.

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