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Here's where you should go based on your responses. Mostly A: Head to SFO and try out @SouvlaSF  . Mostly B: Check o @UnionSqEventsut  via JFK. Mostly C: Fly to LAX for Jon and Vinny's. Find these restaurants in Delta One and First Class on select transcontinental flights 🍴

Why does this man remind me of 'My Cousin Vinny?' OMG, this is so hilarious I can't keep from laughing. Omg please stop, you're killing me! Who the fook are you? 🤣 🤣 🤣

Vincent "Vinny" Gagliardi, a township resident, is being remembered for his passion for skateboarding, online gaming, soccer, baseball and lacrosse.

We are no closer to figuring it all out than when it all started. - @VinnyBonsignore  

I am not a crook. I saved New York. 1 Billion Dollars we don’t want any problems with our Legal fees. Your friend what’s his name ... anyway he stiffed my cousin Vinny.

Vinny Perth says he's proud of his players and the Dundalk fans after a big win at Oriel Park#RTEsoccer 

Awww Vinny Jones is SUPER protective of #KylieMinogue  and honestly, who wouldn't be? #KJshow 


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This is a "My Cousin Vinny"-level mismatch of opening statements so far

"HOW MANY FINGERS DO I GOT UP?": @MayorRGiuliani  says "My Cousin Vinny is one of my favorite law movies because he comes from Brooklyn." [v @JohnB_ Newsmaxa on Newsmax TV: ]

Walked off after launching it with a broomstick ? (via vinny_pots.n.pans_)

Little man CRUSHED this ?? (via vinny_pots.n.pans/Instagram)

This kid has 80-grade bat speed. ? (via vinny_pots.n.pans_/IG)

Sent that ball to outer space ☄️ (via @vinny_pots .n.pans / IG)

The Kid approves of the kid. ?: vinny_pots.n.pans/IG

Drew Brees will become the 5th QB in NFL history to play 20 seasons. The others: • Tom BradyBrett FavreEarl MorrallVinny Testaverde

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BLOCKED! Vinny Curry gets a hand on the field goal attempt. #SEAvsPHI  | #FlyEaglesFly 

Mike and Vinny rocking the 350s ? (Via: itsthesituation/IG)