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On his Vindman intv. @JeffreyGoldberg : "He's decided to go very public with his view-that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president from a national security perspective-He certainly believes that Trump is acting in Russia's best interests." #AMRstaff 

@ChrisMurphyCT : "I think we have to be careful not to normalize what happened to vindman'>Alexander Vindman and his brother. He stepped up as a whistle-blower to simply tell the truth about what he saw, the corruption inside the White House, and he was fired from his job." #AMRstaff 

19 aides, allies & even family who have criticized Trump: -Troye -Cohen -Vindman -Sondland -Mattis -Bolton -Tillerson -Kelly -Cohn -Marryanne Trump Barry -Mary Trump -Miles Taylor -M.E. Taylor -Neumann -Bright -Miller -Murphy -Scaramucci -Omarosa Miller

In his first interview since serving as a key witness in the impeachment trial, vindman'>Alexander Vindman tells @JeffreyGoldberg  that Americans should be worried about Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Vindman media tour obscures key fact about impeachment #politicalnews 

Trump "likes authoritarian strongmen," so he tries to please Putin, said vindman'>Alexander Vindman.

Reliable sources: Trump to exit Fox bubble; natural disasters spotlight climate change; Hannity and Dobbs to be deposed; Drudge faces attacks; WaPo duped by conspiracy theorists; Vindman speaks out; celebs protest Facebook@oliverdarcy  @brianstelter 

vindman'>Alexander Vindman was a star impeachment witness against President Trump. But he kept a key part of his role a secret. He's still keeping the secret, even during a new media tour.


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In his first interview, vindman'>Alex Vindman tells me that Trump is Putin's "useful idiot." "In the Army, we call this ‘free chicken,’ something you don’t have to work for—it just comes to you. This is what the Russians have in Trump: free chicken.” Story:

Strange that the media isn’t talking about this... couple of months ago he was so great they would write about him all the time, but I guess that was when he was a useful idiot to their hoax? Alexander Vindman Admits Making up Parts of Trump Call Summary

A name that’s not appearing NEARLY enough in the “news”- VINDMAN. Media covered his bogus Ukraine transcript constantly. Dems yelled “impeach!” NOW he admits to actually making up parts of it. Another hoax exposed. And yet again the media cover the fake scandal but not the TRUTH.

Fake News@CNN  & MSDNC keep talking about “Lt. Col.” Vindman as though I should think only how wonderful he was. Actually, I don’t know him, never spoke to him, or met him (I don’t believe!) but, he was very insubordinate, reported contents of my “perfect” calls incorrectly, &...

A letter to Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman: Right does not matter to Donald Trump. But it matters to you. It matters to this country and to its people. It will always matter. And with those words, you have left an indelible mark on our nation’s conscience and history.

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vindman'>Lieutenant Colonel Vindman has proven to be an American patriot. His firing was a clear and brazen act of retaliation that showcases the President’s fear of the truth — and the vindictiveness which led Republican Senators to be accomplices to President Trump’s cover-up.

Lt. Col. Vindman is escorted out of the White House. I have seen this movie before. It is not one set in a democracy. The shame of this moment in history is indelible. The only question is how the American people react in the present.

Americans know about Trump's Ukraine scheme because people with a sense of duty were willing to step forward and speak out. People like Ambassadors Yovanovitch and Taylor, Lt. Col. Vindman, Dr. Hill. They were willing to risk their careers. Can Members of Congress do the same?

Lt. Col. Vindman says he doesn’t know the “Whistleblower’s” identity. @RepAdamSchiff  claims he doesn’t know the “Whistleblower’s” identity. So how is asking who Lt. Col. Vindman spoke to “outing the ‘Whistleblower?’”

Lt. Col. Vindman did his job. As a soldier in Iraq, he received a Purple Heart. Then he displayed another rare form of bravery — moral courage. He complied with a subpoena and told the truth. He upheld his oath when others would not. Right matters to him. And to us.