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What did tonight's 4.3-magnitude #earthquake  in #Carson  feel like to you? Eyewitness Newsviewers share the sights and sounds of the Friday night #quake . Tonight at 11 from ABC7.

EXCLUSIVE: Changing Rooms set to be axed as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen loses third of viewers

There's da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa,' and then there's Nick Walker's 'Moona Lisa.' The 500+-pound statue depicting the famed Mona Lisa getting cheeky with viewers is a reworking of Walker's own spray-painted piece. The statue is part of an exhibition at the UK's M Shed.

The rain may have delayed some of the performances at the Nashville Pride Festival, but the News 4 team enjoyed meeting viewers at the parade. Learn more about the delayed start of some events -->

Hey, @FOXSports , that annoying full-screen promotional graphic you've shoved in viewers' faces after seemingly every play of the Nebraska-Oklahoma game? Stop doing that.

Can Cedric the Entertainer’s "fun skits" land viewers for Emmys?

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In which my former @smh ⁩ colleague Peter Hartcher educates the viewers of @FRANCE24 ⁩ on Australian vernacular including the word “bouf-head.” #Submarines  🇦🇺🇫🇷📺

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This twisted new Netflix original series is leaving viewers utterly speechless

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As kids head back to class, Amber Ruffin schools viewers on the racist legacy of the SATs

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@ndtvindia  has been removed by @HathwayCableTV  from some popular packs. Watch Ravish Kumar's message to our viewers.

@kirstiealley  Kirstie, you are welcome to change the channel - just like countless viewers did every time “Veronica’s Closet” came on TV. But don’t downplay the loss of nearly 230K American lives. And please, wear a mask.

@Ocasio2018  just told viewers on Instagram Live that she had a "close encounter" during the attacks on the Capitol in which she thought she might die. Said she cannot disclose full details out of security concerns.

Quite a tell just now that Cruz referred to "the viewers" instead of "the voters."

REPORT: Biden’s Thanksgiving Day Address gets just 1000 views online, a record low. Observers say a candidate with “80,000,000” votes would get many more online viewers. Numbers don’t lie, or add up! @OANN 

"...I've been talking to Fox insiders over the last few days, there's a real concern inside the network that their early downplaying of the coronavirus actually exposes Fox News to potential legal action by viewers who maybe were misled. " @gabrielsherman 

SIREN! The Biden Town Hall on ABC drew 2.3 million more viewers than the Trump town hall on NBC. There is nothing @realDonaldTrump  cares about more than ratings.

So hard to watch @FoxNews anymore. They are working so hard against the people (viewers) that got them there. Their contributors are a disaster, and all over the place. The Radical Left has scared Fox into submission, just like they have so many others. Sad, but we will WIN!

Stop calling Fox "news." Stop comparing it to any other network. There has never been a fraud of this magnitude in the history of TV or news. It endangers the lives of its viewers willfully for money & to please @realDonaldTrump  .