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A WFMY News 2 viewer asked this question. There is no cross-referencing database for state's to use for voter registration.

TIME-LAPSE: Viewer Mischa Baeza captured the rain and clouds moving in over Lake Travis today🌧️🌧️ #txwx  #atxwx 

💨 Trampoline on the loose! The winds are picking up all over the valley -- be careful when driving out there. This photo comes from FOX5 viewer Dan Leavitt near Desert Foothills and Alta.

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Wow! A viewer in La Veta sent in this photo of their house, which got about 2 feet of snow in 20 hours! Latest snow totals here: #cowx 

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SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Learn more about our #STATSummit  here: Get your viewer pass here:

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TREE DAMAGE🌬️🌳: A KRON4 viewer woke up to this #windadvisory  #redflagwarning 

'Are we really saying if someone can't afford to feed their children they should starve? During a pandemic?' @fleetstreetfox  and @EvaMSimpson  respond to viewer comments on the latest News Agenda Explained.

WATCH LIVE: A man was shot and killed by police in north Phoenix after what officers called a domestic violence incident. Sky 12 is on the scene. Viewer discretion is advised.

HELP DESK: A viewer who owns a thrift shop asked News 13's I-Team Coronavirus Help Desk for clarification on North Carolina's mask mandate.

What is the scariest movie ever made? New study tested viewer heart rates to find out


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Never allow Chris Wallace to moderate another debate again. This was an absolute shit show. The viewer wasn’t even a secondary concern.

#OnThisDay 1977: Thanks for the Memory - The Viewer's View asked people what they thought about television. This woman was likely approached for a snappy vox pop, but ended up delivering something closer to a dramatic monologue. Fantastic stuff.

Thank you @OANN  for letting Americans watch the RNC without interruption. How refreshing. You have a new viewer!

WATCH: Hazing in the Philippine Military Academy barracks (Part 2) WARNING: This video contains violent images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised.

INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Viewer video from Michael Dalle captures the moment the construction site for the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed on Canal Street Saturday morning. No injuries reported. Stay with WWL-TV for more.

I will not be a spectator, viewer or supporter of the #SuperBowl  today in protest of the ’s racist treatment of and its ongoing disregard for the health + well-being of all its players. To watch the game is to compromise my beliefs. It’s not worth it. #ImWithKap 

A viewer points out an inconsistency in Cummings explanation of events Mary Wakefield said when her husband fell ill (March 28) he couldn’t get out of bed for 10 days. But in his statement yesterday Cummings said he drove to hospital to collect his son on Apr 3

Rush Limbaugh was given the Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union last night. Here's a bit on who he is. Viewer discretion is advised.

Donald, thanks for remaining our most loyal viewer through the years. A few things: 1. Stop being a bigot 2. Tell #MoscowMitch  that your intel chiefs all said Russia was trying to undermine US democracy. 3. #MoscowMitch ’s attempts to protect Putin’s schemes are un-American.

"Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me." Go inside "The Queen's Justice" with the #GameofThrones  Viewer's Guide:

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