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Rashida Tlaib goes off on ‘racist state’ Israel for refusing to vaccinate Palestinians like her grandma, but she left out some details [video]

The FBI says it was contacted by a person of interest claiming to be a "romantic partner" of the suspect on its tip line. The tipster claimed that friends of the suspect had a video of her taking a "laptop or hard drive" from Pelosi's office.

In the video message released on her Twitter account, she called serving as the first lady the “greatest honor of my life.”

A chilling military-style video is calling to unleash WAR on #Trump  supporters across America. More on our #Telegram  channel, uncensored by Big Tech:

Video: @StephenAtHome 's "Melania Trump" @LauraBenanti ) bids farewell - to The White House and her husband - in "Beauty and the Beast" parody song

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Video: @Netflix 's #FateTheWinxSaga  trailer welcomes you to Alfea. It's like Hogwarts, but for fairies.

My conversation with @avantgame  about benefits (and drawbacks) of video games A must listen for parents, kids, and anyone who runs a business.

I’m finding peace by simply muting on multiple platforms my friends who record video of themselves... just... staring at the camera. Or boomerang. I mute that, too. #GetOffMyLawn 

LIVE VIDEO: @CierraJohnsonTV  is live at 6:43 a.m. with the latest on damaging winds in the North Bay overnight.


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If life is a video game, the graphics are great, but the plot is confusing & the tutorial is way too long

Stunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port

Statement by Donald J. Trump, The President of the United States Full Video:

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Like I already told you in the video, we do really know how hard you been tryin' for this award. Since the title is 'Best Fandom', the award surely is not ours, it's all for ARMYs. Congratulations and love you all with all of my heart. ?

#BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' LISA video '>Concept Teaser Video Pre-Release Single ✅2020.06.26 6PM 📺NAVER TV : 🎬YouTube :       #블랙핑크 #LISA  #리사 #HowYouLikeThat  #PreReleaseSingle  #ConceptTeaserVideo  #20200626_6pm  #Release  #YG 

#BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' JENNIE video'>Concept Teaser VideoPre-Release Single ✅2020.06.26 6PM 📺NAVER TV : 🎬YouTube :       #블랙핑크 #JENNIE  #제니 #HowYouLikeThat  #PreReleaseSingle  #ConceptTeaserVideo  #20200626_6pm  #Release  #YG 

#BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' ROSÉ video'>Concept Teaser VideoPre-Release Single ✅2020.06.26 6PM 📺NAVER TV : 🎬YouTube :       #블랙핑크 #ROS É #로제 #HowYouLikeThat  #PreReleaseSingle  #ConceptTeaserVideo  #20200626_6pm  #Release  #YG