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STEVE PRICE: Our COVID border wars are a disgrace. Our state premiers must understand we’re Australians first and Victorians and Queenslanders second.

More Victorians in NSW free to return home as more restrictions ease

Snap to it! Victorians have shared their fantastic summer snaps in our annual Herald Sun photo competition. Vote for this week’s best entry here >

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Thousands of stranded Victorians will now be able to return home as Daniel Andrews eases restrictions for Sydney and Brisbane.

The number of Victorians on the dole has fallen to the lowest level since April, but the economic pain continues in some suburbs.

Did you empty your super during the pandemic? If so, you're certainly not alone. But, according to the figures, Victorians were less likely to tap into the early access scheme.

Daniel Andrews has issued a stern warning to Victorians not to attend any upcoming anti-Australia Day rallies.

Thousands of Victorians who have returned from overseas are soon to be hit with steep bills for their stint in hotel quarantine.

"We know ... that 66 per cent of Victorians support lower speeds in neighbourhood streets."

Victorians returning from Sydney’s red zones have avoided the need to isolate at home for two weeks after conflicting advice. It comes as Victoria records another day of no new local coronavirus cases.


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The @VictorianCHO  says to tennis players: “Everyone finds quarantine tough, but Victorians have copped this as much as anyone in the world... Victorians have done it tough and they don’t expect special rules for anyone else”

Dear NSW. Victorians have been locked down for 6+ months this year. Thanks in advance for masking up, distancing and taking responsibility for your situation as your neighbours did.

It’s been a long 5 weeks under lockdown for many Victorians and there’s still a long way to go. During this time #abc730  captured images that show how much life in Melb & parts of Vic changed. George Stirling, @AustBoysChoir , sings Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air @Chris_Gillett_ 

A message to my fellow Victorians. When we get through this pandemic, don’t EVER forget the moral bankruptcy of News Corp right now in dividing and actively undermining recovery efforts just for clicks. They are a disgrace. #themurdochvirus 

What is it about the far-right's deeply personal rants about @DanielAndrewsMP ? Yet no similar personal treatment of Berejiklian and Dutton over the Ruby Princess or systemic aged care failures. Victorians are going through a lot and they need our support right now. Not abuse.

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A few selfish, attention-seeking whack jobs should not detract from the excellent work almost all Victorians are doing keeping other safe. #auspol 

The Chief Commissioner says there are a small group of Victorians who consider themselves 'sovereign citizens'. This includes a 38-year-old Frankston woman who seriously assaulted a 26-year-old female police officer after refusing to wear a mask. #9News 

The black Victorians: astonishing portraits unseen for 120 years

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If God does not exist, the Victorians said, then we have to invent him. To this we now add the #JussieSmollett  corollary: where racial incidents don’t occur, they have to be faked

Proof that Victorians weren’t always as serious as you thought, 1880s.

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