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At approx 6:30am , @BostonFire  companies outed a fire at 46 Beacon St Hyde Park. All residents got out safely. Companies worked quickly to stop fire spread in one of the neighborhoods original Victorians. Damages est around $100,000. No injuries reported.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it is “pathetic” but not unexpected that the Australian Human Rights Commission are worried about the rights of Australians to travel into terrorist-controlled areas but not the rights of Victorians to freely move.

@CatherineOrr73  @joegarra61I ’m not a HCW, but I’ve been deeply troubled by exactly this, because of what I’ve seen, for months now. Exhausted health workers with few or no days off, insufficient support for vulnerable elderly and at-risk Victorians, and a govt narrative that points the finger at citizens.

A majority of Victorians, and two-thirds of voters across the country, support Daniel Andrews’ handling of the second wave.

Passing strange that yet again it takes an outsider to truly recognise leadership among us. @DanielAndrewsMP  (& all Victorians) are doing an extraordinary job managing #COVID19Vic . Sure, there'll be longer-term painful consequences, but we'll support you.

@joegarra61  @CatherineOrr73It’s very frustrating. The vast majority of Victorians have done the right thing, for a long time now. Most people care deeply about those who’ve been most affected by this virus, & those working the hardest in hospitals to beat it. Govt is avoiding accountability by deflecting.

#COVID19Vic  : All of today's deaths are linked to aged care. Victims in their 70s - 100s. 83 Victorians in hospital, with eight in intensive care.

There are fears we're in for a surge in power blackouts and high electricity bills this summer, as thousands of Victorians continue to work from home. For more, @Jacquifelgate  spoke with Peter Dobney, former chairman of the Energy Users Association. #7NEWS 

victorians'>Regional Victorians could soon be able to travel to and from NSW freely but Melburnians are likely to be left behind.

BREAKING: Victoria has recorded 28 new coronavirus cases, up from 11 yesterday. Sadly, three more Victorians have died.


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BREAKING: There has been no increase to the number of Victorians dying by suicide this year, new data shows. The findings contradict widespread assumptions about the impact of #COVID19  lockdowns, writes @_Biancah  #covid19vic  #coronavirus 

It’s been a long 5 weeks under lockdown for many Victorians and there’s still a long way to go. During this time #abc730  captured images that show how much life in Melb & parts of Vic changed. George Stirling, @AustBoysChoir , sings Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air @Chris_Gillett_ 

What is it about the far-right's deeply personal rants about @DanielAndrewsMP ? Yet no similar personal treatment of Berejiklian and Dutton over the Ruby Princess or systemic aged care failures. Victorians are going through a lot and they need our support right now. Not abuse.

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So here's front page of today's Herald-Sun. "The HS calls on all Victorians to unite". And in the same edition, yet another hit job on Andrews from, of all people, adviser to the worst PM in history. Seriously, you arseholes are completely shameless. Fuck off. #themurdochvirus 

Treasurer without a plan turns to vaudeville. "Victorians are in the dark,” Mr Frydenberg said. “They don’t know what happens next.” Neither do the rest of us, Josh - where's your plan?

A few selfish, attention-seeking whack jobs should not detract from the excellent work almost all Victorians are doing keeping other safe. #auspol 

The Chief Commissioner says there are a small group of Victorians who consider themselves 'sovereign citizens'. This includes a 38-year-old Frankston woman who seriously assaulted a 26-year-old female police officer after refusing to wear a mask. #9News 

The black Victorians: astonishing portraits unseen for 120 years

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If God does not exist, the Victorians said, then we have to invent him. To this we now add the #JussieSmollett  corollary: where racial incidents don’t occur, they have to be faked

Proof that Victorians weren’t always as serious as you thought, 1880s.

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