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Health restrictions banning large gatherings at Parliament House have halted a new plan to challenge Victorian Liberal leader Michael O’Brien for the party’s top job | @annikasmethurst 

Victorian businesses hit hard by repeated coronavirus lockdowns are being given a $400 million helping hand.

Victorian businesses have been offered a series of grants as part of a $400 million support package jointly funded by the Commonwealth and state government.

The peak industry body estimates between 15,000 and 19,000 trucks are entering Victoria daily, the vast majority from NSW. A Victorian government spokesperson said there were 9800 valid permit holders. | @paul_sakk  #SpringSt  #COVID19Vic 

Thousands of hard-pressed Victorian small and medium businesses will receive rental relief while an $80 million hardship fund will be made available to their landlords. | @noeltowell  @davidestcourt 

victorian'>Embattled Victorian businesses have been thrown a new financial lifeline in the form of a $400m national support package.

Thousands of hard-pressed Victorian small and medium businesses will receive rental relief while an $80 million hardship fund will be made available to their landlords. | @noeltowell  @davidestcourt 

More than 50 Victorian dogs have suffered from a severe liver disease and authorities investigating possible links to pet food. Here’s what to look out for.

The Victorian Government will address the media in a press conference morning after the state exited a 12-day lockdown on Tuesday night. Join Sky News Australia live for the coverage.


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Ready your pointer finger, for the game is afoot! Prepare to yell "Objection!" as you take on court cases during the Victorian-era of Britain and Japan in #TheGreatAceAttorney  Chronicles, available now on #NintendoSwitch ! ⚖️:

In October last year, Scott Morrison announced $25 million in emergency COVID funding for schools. 8 months on, with Victorian students back to remote learning, only 4% of the $25m has been spent. Scott Morrison loves an announcement, but he never delivers. #auspol  #estimates 

Murdoch’s Protection Racket hard at work for Morrison and NSW’s Berejiklean. Recall Murdoch’s treatment of Victorian lockdowns? But today’s front page: zero mention of Liberal’s total failure on vaccine,quarantine & delayed lockdown.Instead, it’s all the fault of “the super-bug”.

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London is turning into a “Steam Punk” city, with Victorian lampposts now adapted as electric car chargers.

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Good news: Prancer, the 13-pound gremlin Chihuahua who hates men and children, and was described as a "vessel for a traumatized Victorian child," has been adopted by a 36-year-old single lesbian in Connecticut.

This is extraordinary! Even for Murdoch. Murdoch's Alan Jones using his “news” program to issue instructions to Victorian Liberal powerbrokers to "start making calls" and install Murdoch's Peta Credlin as leader. Murdoch isn't a news organisation. It’s a political party.

?LOOK: After 139 years at 807 Franklin St. in San Francisco, a two-story Victorian house rolled to its new address on Sunday — just six blocks away

You will never convince me that Jared Kushner is anything other than a cursed Victorian doll come to life

Aerial view shows demonstrators gathered in the streets of Oxford, England, to demand the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes, a Victorian colonialist who made a fortune from mines in southern Africa and endowed Oxford University's Rhodes scholarships.

Victorian poet Michael Field was nominated as poet laureate: then it was discovered he was actually two lesbians writing under a pseudonym. Literature academic @DrSarahParker  explains.