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Will Callaghan back in the bush and smiling after nights lost in Victorian wilderness

- What is typhoid fever? - When was typhoid discovered? - Who are healthy carriers? - Did Victorian typhoid control work? Try out our FREE educational resources in your classrooms! #alicesday  @MHSOxford  #aliceintyphoidland  @typhoidland 

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I stayed up LATE, GRIPPED by @julie_cohen 's BEAUTIFUL, Victorian#SpiritedBook . A love QUARTET where a fake Spiritualist meets an real medium. From Delhi to Weymouth, Paris to Pennsylvania, this is an unusual, moving read. EXCELLENT characterisation. I LOVED it! #MarianRecommends 

Coronavirus outbreaks at Victorian hospitals could cripple the state's healthcare system as more medical staff are forced into quarantine.

Final teams #AFLBluesDogs : No changes Two Victorian teams battle it out on the Gold Coast. Who wins?

Two more Victorian clubs could soon join Collingwood and Geelong in the Perth hub: @RalphyHeraldSun  @ClarkyHeraldSun 

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Many Victorian kids are about to return to remote learning. Parents, here's your survival guide

I can't be the only Victorian who has no issue with Scomo going to the NRL? Not a great look yes, but surely we have bigger things to worry about right now...

Bill Shorten’s good deed in delivering food essentials to public housing towers in his Victorian electorate has been overshadowed by a safety fail. But he wasn’t the only politician with egg on their face this week.


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Aerial view shows demonstrators gathered in the streets of Oxford, England, to demand the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes, a Victorian colonialist who made a fortune from mines in southern Africa and endowed Oxford University's Rhodes scholarships.

Victorian Senator Raff Ciccone also urged the Australian government to accept Hong Kong residents as refugees if they face persecution under new laws.

Julia Roberts Spends $8.3M on a victorian'>Century-Old San Francisco Victorian via : Julia Roberts is wel @MansionGlobalome  in India because she has popularised Hindu values and also became a good Hindu

You will never convince me that Jared Kushner is anything other than a cursed Victorian doll come to life

Michael Gove and Jacob Rees Mogg are both younger than me. I’m not saying someone like me should be running the country but maybe if we move away from these insurance ombudsman and Victorian workhouse supervisor looking types, then we might actually get somewhere

Victorian poet Michael Field was nominated as poet laureate: then it was discovered he was actually two lesbians writing under a pseudonym. Literature academic @DrSarahParker  explains.

i'm enjoying this fun holiday special episode of sherlock set in the victorian erawaIT WHAT OH MY GOD OH MYGODTHISIsAMZINGASOFILJCkd;aE;F''.

selfy has replaced selfie. can't stand "selfie." "selfie" look like the name of a victorian pickpocket or a dog. selfy much more elegant

The UK court’s order on Vijay Mallya is written in clear, modern English. But our Indian court orders/judicial language is fossilised, bombastic gobbledygook. Our colonial masters have moved on to a new language, but our judiciary won’t let go of their Victorian tailcoats.

When a 9-year-old girl asks for work so she can help feed her family, we should stop everything we're doing to help her. Instead the Tory time machine is hell-bent on taking us all back to Victorian times. What a shocking, and utter, disgrace.

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