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ultraviolet + infrared images of saturn, venus, jupiter and uranus by hubble

A Berwick high school teacher has been identified as the hero who died while trying to save a teenager from drowning in Venus Bay. Lisa Mandeltort's distraught family say they are proud, but wish she was a coward instead. @LanaMurphy  #9News 

Lisa Mandeltort tragically drowned saving a teenager and her father at Venus Bay. The Melbourne high school teacher is being remembered as a hero. #9News 

A Melbourne science teacher has been remembered as "delightful, romantic, caring and funny" after she tragically drowned trying to help a teenager at Venus Bay in Gippsland last week | @rachael_dexter 

A Rowville teacher is being remembered as a selfless hero after rescuing two people from the surf at Venus Bay. Her grieving family say she'll never be forgotten after sacrificing her own life to save them. @GeorgiaComensol  #7NEWS 

A school teacher who tragically drowned while saving a teenager at Venus Bay has been remembered for her “lively soul” and “selfless” nature.

Venus was once Earth-like, but climate change made it uninhabitable #Space  #ClimateChange 

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A woman has drowned after attempting to assist a distressed teen at Venus Bay, marking the third death after separate tragedies in the state's waters. #7NEWS 


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Breaking News: Astronomers have found a potential sign of life in the clouds of Venus, a planet long overlooked in the search for extraterrestrial life.

BREAKING: Data from two ground-based telescopes have discovered small quantities of phosphine gas in the clouds of Venus. There are no known non-biological mechanisms of making the gas on Venus, so it *may* be being produced by alien microbes. (1/5)

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Busy day in music for releases, but happy to be aside @onedirection  on those charts! Show them what your made of men! HardWork! Love, #Venus 

my xmas tweet never went through :( Merry Xmas!!! every year I am more and more grateful to have and love monsters. *SPREAD LOVE* - Venus

In five-billion years, as the Sun begins to die, its outer layers of glowing plasma will expand stupendously, engulfing the orbits of Mercury, then Venus, as the charred ember that was once the oasis of life called Earth vaporizes into the vacuum of space. Have a nice day!

The newest Laker Girls ... Venus Williams, James Corden and Gronk ?

Made for the big stage ✨ @CocoGauff  becomes the youngest player since 1991 to win in the first round of the ladies' singles, beating Venus Williams 6-4, 6-4 #Wimbledon 

Outdoor temperature on Earth not quite your liking today? You’ll freeze solid or vaporize anywhere else. Average temps elsewhere: Mars: -80 F; Venus: +850 F; Moon: day +250 F / night -250 F; Mercury: day +800 F / night -300 F; Pluto: -350 F; Sun: day +10,000 F / night +10,000 F

If you wished upon that first Star you saw tonight in twilight, then it will not likely come true. You wished on planet Venus