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When Colombia opened its border to Venezuelan refugees, it caused a rise in homicides in Colombia. But the people being killed were: the Venezuelans. New research by @briangknight  of @Brown_Economics  and @atribinu  of @BancoRepublica  —>

Under Maduro, poverty levels in Venezuela have spiked. It is now the poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 96% of Venezuelans living in poverty and 97% unsure of where their next meal will come from.

Special Representative Elliott Abrams: Free elections & a return to freedom, the freedom and prosperity that Venezuelans used to have, are possible. And the United States will continue to support the Venezuelan people until that day comes. #EstamosUnidosVE 

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Venezuela was already suffering from a political, economic, & humanitarian crisis before COVID-19 hit. It would be dangerous & cruel to force Venezuelans in the US to return right now. The Senate should finally do what the House did a year ago this week & pass #VenezuelaTPSNow .

🌎 Before COVID-19, this hostel in Colombia welcomed tourists 💙 Today, it receives Venezuelans in need of a safe shelter

🌎 Before COVID-19, this hostel in Colombia welcomed tourists 💙 Today, it receives Venezuelans in need of a safe shelter

How can Venezuela restore democracy? While the U.S. has proposed that Maduro & Guaidó cede authority to an emergency governing council, this is only one suggestion. The true path forward must be agreed upon by all Venezuelans through free & fair elections.

Venezuelans in neighbouring countries are among those worst affected by the fallout from the pandemic. Economic deterioration in the host countries could further impact the livelihoods of migrants, leading to increased poverty and food insecurity. More ➡️

What would compel exiled Venezuelans and ex US soldiers to join a deeply flawed coup attempt? Read our investigation ➡️

During the #COVID19  pandemic, we're not always able to be with our friends. Today we celebrate friendships that know no borders. These young Venezuelans know that feeling. We hope you do too. ❤️ #FriendshipDay 

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On this Cuban Independence Day, we stand by the people of Cuba in their quest for freedom, democracy and prosperity. The Cuban regime must end its repression of Cubans & Venezuelans. The United States will not stand idly by as Cuba continues to subvert democracy in the Americas!

The President says he believes Russia will stay out of Venezuela because he trusts Putin’s gossip? The Russian military's already in Caracas! Months of work by Venezuelans & our diplomats were undone by after his phone call with Putin.

President Trump highlighted how the families of Maduro’s cronies live lavishly in Europe and the Caribbean, while Maduro issues orders to impede humanitarian aid for Venezuelans. We know who and where these officials and their families are.

The future of Venezuela is a matter for Venezuelans. 's call for more sanctions on Venezuela is wrong. We oppose outside interference in Venezuela, whether from the US or anywhere else. There needs to be dialogue and a negotiated settlement to overcome the crisis.

Maduro is undermining the Constitution & territorial integrity of Venezuela by allowing foreign countries to arm ‘colectivos’ and repress innocent Venezuelans. The Venezuela military’s role in Venezuela’s transition to democracy is vital – it must protect the people of Venezuela.

The majority of Venezuelans and the leading democracies in the region have called for the exit of foreign security and intelligence forces from Venezuela and reiterated the rejection of Maduro’s usurpation of power.

Venezuelans have made clear that the current path toward democracy is irreversible. Venezuela’s military has a choice: embrace democracy, protect civilians and members of the democratically-elected National Assembly, or face more man-made suffering and isolation.

Thousands of Venezuelans are peacefully gathering near La Carlota Air Base in Caracas, demanding the Venezuelan military support democracy & the delivery of humanitarian aid. A stream of military officials have decided to stand by the people & against Maduro throughout the day.

Masked thugs, civilians killed by live rounds, and the burning of trucks carrying badly-needed food and medicine. This has been Maduro’s response to peaceful efforts to help Venezuelans. Countries that still recognize Maduro should take note of what they are endorsing.

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Tonight please pray for & the thousands of Venezuelans who will face danger & difficulty in the hours ahead. May God give them strength. And may he change the hearts of military leaders so that they protect not repress their fellow countrymen.