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D.L. Hughley: Even when you’re ‘asymptomatic of white supremacy,’ it happens in your wake @RealDLHughley  #velshi 

ER doctor’s plea: ‘Stop going to politicians for news about science' @hilaryfair  #velshi 

Andre Perry: ‘Black communities have been socially distanced for generations’ @andreperryedu  @BrookingsInst  #velshi 

Eddie Glaude: ‘Allyship collapses when we view racial justice as a philanthropic exercise’ @esglaude  #velshi 

The president’s “nonsense talking points” are no match for the coronavirus pandemic’s deadly reality. #velshi 

As federal pandemic relief ends, workers are ‘on the edge of a cliff' @FlyingWithSara  #velshi 

Mail-in voting is not political, it’s about ‘we the people’ @kimwehle  #velshi 

Abolishing qualified immunity would ‘change the landscape of policing’ @radleybalko  #velshi 

NY Attorney General vows to ‘get answers and seek justice’ for protesters attacked by police @TishJames  #velshi 


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velshi'>Ali Velshi: “We need transparency about the health of this nation's leader. And what we saw this weekend is enough to say, Mr. President, why don't you tell us the truth about your health?” #inners 

As journalists, our job is to hold power accountable #velshi 

Velshi: None of us are free while black Americans live in fear via @msnbc 

"I have never prior to this assignment worn my ballistic vest in the United States," MSNBC anchor velshi'>Ali Velshi said. "I've never carried a gas mask in the United States."

Velshi: Essential workers deserve healthcare and a higher minimum wage

WATCH: Mvelshi'>SNBC’s Velshi shows the direct link from Russian ‘disinformation’ attacks to Sean Hannity’s Twitter account - MSNBC host Ali Velshi called out Fox News personality Sean Hannity on Tuesday for pushing a conspiracy theory created by a Russian tr...

Roy Moore's Attny. Trenton Garmon suggests AliVelshi's "background" would help him understand why Moore would date underage women — is from Canada

Lol: Moore Lawyer to Ali Velshi: They have child marriage where you're from (Canada), right?

velshi'>Ali Velshi is fed up w the lies spread about health care policy & the myths that are used to spread disinformation! #TRYanCare  #TrumpCare