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The flightless birds depend on Antarctica’s frozen sea ice shelves for safety and breeding. But as temperatures rise, the shelves are vanishing.

“There are tons and tons of examples of embarrassing prizes and awards vanishing in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from again.”

Until her arrest, Ghislaine Maxwell had disappeared. Against all odds—but in keeping with her murky past—Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime friend & lover found a way to hide in plain sight. And the truth of her vanishing act may be stranger than anyone imagined.

Really enjoyed being on @CNN  tonight with @jimsciutto  and @Bakari_Sellers . Can’t wait to read Bakari’s new memoir, “My Vanishing Country” — sounds terrific.

How does @britrbennett ’s acclaimed bestseller The Vanishing Half challenge the traditional genre of ‘passing for white’ novels and films? Many of which offer problematic representations of light skinned women of colour. We ask @janinebradders 

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While much of the world remains consumed with the deadly novel coronavirus, wildfires are raging in the Arctic amid ­record-breaking temperatures. Permafrost is thawing, infrastructure is crumbling and sea ice is dramatically vanishing.

There are many other sources, but the cumulative result is a patchwork dream of the nation as implicitly manual, male, and white, and floating above them a benign airship aristocracy. Creative industries are invisible and suspect - and frequently complicit in vanishing the rest.

Into can't-put-down fiction books? Meet our July pick, 'The Vanishing Half' by Brit Bennett.

While economists expect a jobs improvement, hopes of a sustained recovery are quickly vanishing – and with it, Donald Trump's chances of a second term… @tomelleryrees  reports on the economic pain hitting the states that will swing the upcoming election

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On Oct 20, 2012, a White Paper on Foreigner’s Issue was published by the Tarun Gogoi’s Govt of Assam. It says: To impose restrictions on the movement of foreigners who're illegally residing in India and prevent them from vanishing, detention centers were built: Dr@sambitswaraj 

“In farm country, mental health experts are seeing more suicides as families endure worst period for US agriculture in decades. bankruptcies and loan delinquencies rising, weather events ruining crops, profits vanishing in Trump’s global trade disputes”

CNN anchors are completely out of touch with everyday people worried about rising crime, failing schools and vanishing jobs.

Sea ice is vanishing faster than it has ever been observed in satellite record. Arctic sea ice cover has lost 2/3 of its thickness, altering the seasonal balance of fresh water. Ecosystems will have to adapt to these conditions. Learn more:

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With 48 hours to go in PA-18, the Trump tax cuts are vanishing from GOP messaging. Instead, it's all immigration, criminals, and Pelosi Liberals. Also Trump's naked race baiting. The awesome Trump economy isn't getting it done. My new post:

Before reportedly vanishing, this 24-year-old “alien enthusiast” covered his room in cryptic codes.

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BREAKING: Vanishing spray will be used in the Barclays Premier League from the start of this season #SprayForBPL 

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I like this vanishing spray FIFA are using for this World Cup. Would it work on Sepp Blatter?

This game is so bad that the referee couldn't even be arsed to get his vanishing spray out.