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“It is now time to acknowledge the full dimension of the stories embedded in each monument, what stories are left out, and the messages they convey about what is and is not valued by our community,” writes @FOPG’s@lizvizza .

$BRK owns 245mil shares of $AAPL now valued at ~$90bil, now over 10% of their total assets on balance sheet.

Houses that sold for $150,000 in 2000 are now valued at $900,000, a six-fold increase since 2000. Did your income rise six-fold since 2000? Probably not.

Drug dealer Mohammed Osman was jailed for 15 years after we found 2.5kg of heroin valued at £67,000, plus almost £10,000 in cash & a loaded handgun hidden under his cooker hood 😱❌ 🪙💰 He's now been ordered to pay back £146,000 criminal cash.

Fivetran, a cloud-based infrastructure startup, is now valued $1.2 billion by @DavidJeans2 

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With recent investment from Facebook this "super-app" is now valued at $10 billion.

Now valued at over $1 billion, we checked in with Duolingo — one of last year's Next Billion-Dollar Startups — to see how they've fared

@imaaniwalker  I'm sorry Imani. And thank you for your important words now. You and I have worked together just a bit, but I want you to always feel valued, heard and comfortable. We urgently need voices like yours at the CBC. We are richer for it.


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Jobs destroyed,schools closed & graduations cancelled on the advice of experts who then suddenly decided the risks of some large gatherings were acceptable So from now on while their input is still valued,they don’t get to decide what to cancel anymore

In 2014, Theranos was valued at $9B. Now, it ceases to exist. Uncover the facts with WSJ reporter John Carreyrou. See where the money leads.

CD Projekt Red is now the second most valuable European game developer, behind only Ubisoft, which is valued at $9.52 billion.

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This man was knocked off his feet when he found out a Rolex watch he bought for $345.97 in 1974 is now valued at over $400,000.

The point we earned today should be valued, given the way this match played out and a very solid performance from our rivals. Our minds are now set on Sunday ??

Kim Corban is a rape survivor who is now choosing to tell her story & arm and protect herself. I think a real question is why so many men in the media always treat conservative women like our values, life experiences and perspective is some kind of joke. Like we are valued less.

It's example of how China's scale leads to so much waste. This farmer's field is filled w/ bikes that belong to one of the many bike-sharing start-ups once called unicorns and valued at billions of $$. Now not even the tires on these bikes are worth selling, the farmer says

Every day between now and then, let us organize, advocate, and fight to make sure women’s voices are heard and valued.

Being on time was difficult enough,now trains struggling even to be on track.No accountability.Wish human lives valued more #KaifiyatExpress