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Name recognition and TV appearances are poor preparation for leadership in government. The country didn’t need Michael Avenatti running for president, Valerie Plame, George Papadopoulos or Cenk Uygur in Congress, or Corey Lewandowski in the Senate.

ICYMI a little good news from last night. Valerie Plame lost her primary in New Mexico.

EDITORIAL | Good riddance to Steve King and Valerie Plame after lost primary bids Isn’t it nice when voters have the wisdom to oust their own parties’ worst elements from positions of power?

Teresa Leger Fernandez, a progressive candidate who played up her deep roots in New Mexico, defeated the former CIA officer Valerie Plame early Wednesday in the Democratic primary election for the state’s Third Congressional District


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"We’ve been lied into war before. Unfortunately I had a front row seat to that, and I know how that was approached. And I see this all over again, where the intelligence is so thin." - Fmr. CIA operative Valerie Plame

NEW: Valerie Plame shows off CIA driving in new campaign ad

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Deepest condolences to Valerie Plame & her two children on the death of former Amb. Joe Wilson. Joe was heroic--one of the *very* few voices advocating caution & more deliberation in the run-up to the misguided & disastrous Bush/Cheney invasion of Iraq.

BREAKING: Joseph Wilson, the former ambassador who disputed U.S. intelligence that was used to justify the Iraq invasion, has died at 69. His ex-wife, Valerie Plame, called him a "patriot" with "the heart of a lion."

Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame is crowdfunding to buy enough of a stake in Twitter in order to ban President Donald Trump from the site.

Valerie Plame was betrayed by two GOP Presidents. The first leaked her identity. The second disgraced the country by pardoning the guy who took the fall for Bush and Cheney. If you have any doubt the Democrats are the true patriots, watch this ad now:

Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson crowdfunding effort to buy control of Twitter and kick off President Trump