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World number one Novak Djokovic once again declined to reveal whether he has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and said he was unsure if he would defend his title at next year’s Australian Open.

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POWELL’S COVID BATTLE: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell died of complications from COVID-19 amid a prolonged battle with cancer, even though he was fully vaccinated. Dr. @meganranney  has more on how the rare cancer compromised his immune system.

City of Chicago employees who were not fully vaccinated by Oct. 15 must take a COVID-19 test on a twice weekly basis and provide the results to the city.

Despite getting vaccinated against COVID-19, Colin Powell remained vulnerable to the virus because of his advanced age and history of cancer, highlighting the continued risk to many Americans until more of the population is immunized.

Call for schoolkids to use walk-in jab centres as just 5% vaccinated in some areas.

“If you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated…you can enjoy the holidays.”

Former Secretary of State Powell has died from Covid-19 complications at age 84, his family says. Powell had multiple myeloma, a cancer of a type of white blood cell, and was fully vaccinated. @mitchellreports  has details now on @NBCNightlyNews .

L3Harris — one of the Space Coast's largest employers — will be requiring its U.S.-based staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 8.

The 118 employees represent less than 1% of the health system's NJ workforce . Virtua also said 120 of its employees failed to get vaccinated.

Officials believe a pilot was the only person on board a small plane that crashed about 20 miles southwest of Ryan Airfield near Tucson.


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Are YOU vaccinated against COVID-19? @BTS_twt  is! COVID-19 vaccines are safe and work to protect your immune system against the virus. Get #Vaccinated  as soon as you are able! #BTSatUNGA 

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I remember the moment I saw Trump's tweet attacking Pence. We were in the chamber as aides were scrambling to bar the doors. Some were sobbing in fear. The mob was outside. Someone yelled out shots had been fired. I turned to Tim Kaine and said, "Oh my god, he's egging them on."

Record vaccination numbers today! Crossing 1 crore is a momentous feat. Kudos to those getting vaccinated and those making the vaccination drive a success.

The most important facts for you to remember today: Less than 0.001% of those fully vaccinated have had a fatal breakthrough case. Less than 0.004% of those fully vaccinated have been hospitalIzed. The vaccines work. The vaccines are your best protection from the virus.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: "Mr. Yoho mentioned that he has a wife and two daughters. I am two years younger than Mr. Yoho's youngest daughter. I am someone's daughter, too. My father, thankfully, is not alive to see how Mr. Yoho treated his daughter."

Rep @Ocasio2018 : "I do not need Rep. Yoho to apologize to me. Clearly he does not want to. Clearly when given the opportunity he will not & I will not stay up late at night waiting for an apology from a man who has no remorse over calling women & using abusive language towards women."

“A group of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania say 200,000 more votes were counted in the 2020 Election than voters (100% went to Biden). State Representative Frank Ryan said they found troubling discrepancies after an analysis of Election Day data.” @FoxNews  This is far....

The "radical idea" of universal health care is a reality in: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Rep. Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Israel Italy Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal S. Korea Spain Sweden Switz. Turkey U.K.