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Sam Mendes on Stephen Sondheim: ‘He was passionate, utterly open and sharp as a knife’

‘It’s left me feeling utterly empty’: The plight of the young jobless struggling to find work in a pandemic

Have written my column on an utterly fascinating contrast between the two big public services - health and education (1/?)

Very sorry to learn of the death of Sir Frank Williams, aged 79. He was a true original and utterly dedicated to his #F1  team. Thoughts are with the family and his old team @WilliamsRacing ⁩

'All of it is utterly compelling.' Why the FT gave ★★★★★ to Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back, a 3-part documentary on the band's last-released album, Let It Be

I find the idea that you don’t have to love or hate your body utterly revolutionary because sometimes just existing and getting from Point A to Point B is enough | OPINION

3/3 Stephen wrote. "Something familiar / Something peculiar / Something for everyone: A comedy tonight!" ..."Pantaloons and tunics / Courtesans and eunuchs." Utterly great opening. And, as Stephen acknowledged, song he wrote under pressure has endured most from that show. So-

'Anybody who's safe where they live wouldn't leave everything they know to make a perilous journey of thousands of miles, risking death, for a second-hand mobile and £40 a week.' This was @NatashaDevonMBE 's powerful reaction to 'utterly despicable, false narratives' on refugees.


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Government just voted with majority of 53 to strip amendment 16 from #AgricultureBill , which would have safeguarded food standards in trade deals - demonstrating beyond doubt that their promises are totally utterly & completely worthless - even when enshrined in their manifesto?

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If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket for the final, please, please don’t boo the Italian anthem. A/ It’s an absolute belter and worth listening to. B/ It’s bloody rude, disrespectful and utterly classless.

Supreme Court confirmation hearings are set to start on Monday—less than two weeks after members on the committee tested positive for COVID-19. This is utterly reckless.

I'm just so tired, so terribly tired, so utterly, totally 100% exhausted of thinking about him. I want to start thinking about other things, like all the major problems on the planet we've been ignoring by servicing the black hole where his soul is supposed to be for four years.

Has there ever been a president so utterly devoid of scruple, so naked in his ambition to steal an election? Trump is so terrified of losing that he'll take the entire system down with him. Our post office. Our elections. Our very democracy. His depravity is boundless.

Yet again, utterly repulsive behavior by numerous so-called reporters at the task force press conference intended to discourage the public and disparage the administration — not elicit information useful to the public in the midst of a crisis.  It’s truly appalling.

“The decision not to prosecute Andy McCabe is utterly inexplicable.” @Judgenap  @HARRISFAULKNER  @FoxNews 

President Trump says the coronavirus is “something that we have total control over.” Completely and utterly false. The president is followed by Dr. Fauci: “the worst is yet ahead of us.”

It’s utterly disgraceful that a statue to a slaver survived as long as it did.

This is Bernie’s base—the same folks who tell pollsters that socialism is great because free stuff is cool & they have no idea how many countries have tried it and utterly failed. The antidote: facts, truth & substance.