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We are a nation run by people—mostly men, and mostly white men—who have an utter lack of compassion for their fellow Americans. They're watching them get sick and die and don't care. These are also the people who claim to love their country the most. They're frauds.

"The absolute and total lack of shame is breathtaking. Just an utter inability to hear herself," one person esponded.

"The absolute and total lack of shame is breathtaking. Just an utter inability to hear herself," one Twitter user responded.

"The absolute and total lack of shame is breathtaking. Just an utter inability to hear herself," one Twitter user responded.

The politicization of everything + the lack of trust in govt, "experts" and media has led to everything becoming a struggle, fight and/or part of a culture war-- we don't know what to believe on COVID, wearing (or not) masks has become a ideological fight-- what an utter mess.

so so sorry for your loss and for the utter lack of leadership that lead to it

“Bolton is the hero of nearly every anecdote in the book. Indeed, for a memoir that is startlingly candid about many things, Bolton’s utter lack of self-criticism is one of the book’s significant shortcomings.” The great @IgnatiusPost ⁩ on the book:

@liannami  The court faulted Rappler for "utter lack of verification. " The court did not discuss whether Santos' reporting of a confidential, intel report is any factor at all. @mariaressa  said this may have impact on investigative reporting where sources are confidential. | via @liannami 

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“I had the benefit of not being just a contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ but having worked at the Trump Organization,” @randalpinkett  told @TimOBrien . “I saw the utter and complete lack of not only racial diversity but ethnic and gender diversity as well"

NEW by @TimOBrien : Trump's St. John’s show was tragically off-kilter, a politically inept bit of stagecraft that served only to showcase his irresponsibility and utter lack of empathy


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"We remain governed by a soulless man with a broken mind. The damage will continue, and it won’t stop until voters end it." @gtconway3d  on how Trump's utter lack of basic competence and humanity is producing not one, but two major ongoing catastrophes:

Despite an utter lack of leadership from the federal government, many states are implementing the steps experts advised (much more testing, contact tracing programs, encouraging mask-wearing, still banning mass gatherings) and it's sort of weird they don't get more credit for it.

I watch @CNN  with anthropological interest. For Wolf Blitzer, Jeffrey Toobin and the others to make utterly biased remarks with their solemn, pompous faces is high comedy for me. The utter lack of self-consciousness is the stunning element here #TrumpAcquittal 

The hyderabad shootout and the responses to it in the rape and murder of the young veterenarian brings home the utter lack of belief most Indians feel in a broken justice system.

Keep it up leftist loons. Your hate, intolerance, and utter lack of basic human decency and common courtesy toward a truly good guy like and his classy response gives America a clear choice.

"I feel so enraged with the complete and utter lack of bravery to do the right thing for our country." Labour's Jess Phillips asks the Prime Minister if she will "do once what is best for the country, not what if best for any of us" and vote against a no-deal Brexit herself.

It has everything to do with recognizing: • Hatch’s part in dismantling two national monuments. • His role in passing a major overhaul of the nation’s tax code. • His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power.

#LDTPoll : Do you believe that by defending Robert Mueller and FBI investigators, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has demonstrated an utter lack of awareness of the depth of corruption that has ensnared the upper echelons of the Bureau and the DOJ?