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Today’s the 4th anniversary of Trump’s promise to release comprehensive info on Melania Trump’s unusual immigration “over the next couple of weeks.” I’m beginning to think he was lying.

The idea of monks cooking is unusual in Thailand, as it is typically against monastic rules. But given the circumstances of the #pandemic , preparing food is considered acceptable, said a Chiang Mai monk told Brooke Schedneck.

@TylerKepner  on how this unusual season has messed with the routines of pitchers, creatures of habits, and how the injuries are piling up:

This unusual pot lets plants grow from the inside out, requiring nothing but water

#China media in US hear nada on visa extensions on day visas set to expire. @ChinaDailyUSA  says if applications in process, staffers can stay 90-days till Nov 4. #HongKongIn  @fcchk  , notes unusual delays for foreign journalists after China warns retaliation.)

JUST IN: Unusual 5.1-magnitude #earthquake  strikes 100 miles north of #Charlotte , along #VA  border, @CNN  rpts; centered on #Sparta , #NC , @USGS  intensity map shows:

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Professor Philip Nolan says the rate at which Covid-19 outbreaks have developed in meat plants in the midlands is 'quite unusual' | Read more:

This is a @NASA  illustration depicting high-altitude electrical storms on Jupiter. ⚡ They are made from data obtained by NASA's Juno mission. Juno detected unusual lightning flashes on Jupiter's dark side during the spacecraft's close flybys of the planet.

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‘Perhaps the most striking element of Mr Trump’s uncompromising belief in his sales technique can be glimpsed in an unusual place: his mistakes. ‘

Getting slapped 🤕 An unusual drink 🤢 These UFC fighters have some...interesting rituals


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I've always been in love with you Italy. I feel an unusual sense of familiarity here.

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....the good and the bad. It is important for us to understand and remember, even in turbulent and difficult times, and learn from them. Knowledge comes from the most unusual of places!

On Jan. 31, 3 lunar events will come together in an unusual overlap that’s being called a super blue blood moon. See how this celestial rarity will help scientists observe what happens when the lunar surface cools quickly during a lunar eclipse:

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I’ve had great “ratings” my whole life, there’s nothing unusual about that for me. The White House News Conference ratings are “through the roof”(Monday Night Football, Bachelor Finale , @nytimes ) but I don’t care about that. I care about going around the Fake News to the PEOPLE!

Congratulations to all of my many friends at The Villages in Florida on having done so well, and with such great spirit, during these rather unusual times. So proud of everyone! Mark Morse & Gary Lester have really stepped up to the plate. Hope to see everyone soon.

FBI top lawyer confirms “unusual steps.” They relied on the Clinton Campaign’s Fake & Unverified “Dossier,” which is illegal. “That has corrupted them. That has enabled them to gather evidence by UNCONSTITUTIONAL MEANS, and that’s what they did to the President.” Judge Napolitano

Knowing everything we know about Trump’s Ukraine shakedown, what single part of Lev Parnas’s story seems unusual? None of it. Why? Because every time a witness comes forward, a new arrow points at Trump’s guilt.

This unusual anti-Collins ad ran in the @PressHerald  today

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God is about to do something unusual, something that you’ve never seen: promotion that you didn’t work for, good breaks that you didn’t deserve. You can’t explain it; you can’t take credit for it. It’s the favor of God.