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Nicholas Gerlich, a marketing professor at West Texas A&M University, suggested that people create special email accounts exclusively for digital receipts so they, and all subsequent spam, end up in one place.

The Texas horned lizard have virtually disappeared east of Interstate 35, which runs down the middle of Oklahoma and Texas, said Dean Williams, a Texas Christian University biology professor who runs the TCU Horny Toad Project.

University of Texas economist James K. Galbraith engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the many ways in which conventional economics has failed us, ranging from how to manage the post-pandemic economy to the problems of inequality and climate change.

“It’s a lot harder for Joe’s Hardware,” said Jonathan Meer, an economist at Texas A&M University. “We should take note that Amazon—the place with no cashiers—is the one calling for a higher minimum wage.”

Happy birthday: On this day in 1965, Michael Dell was born. He later dropped out of the University of Texas at Austin to found Dell Computer Corp. to assemble made-to-order computers. @WSJ 

Texas’ oldest Black university was built on a former plantation. Its students still fight a legacy of voter suppression.

Memo by secret memo, the University of Texas kept segregation alive into the 1960s

"Disasters that you predict don't come along every day," Ed Hirs told Mimi Swartz late last week. An energy economics professor at the University of Houston, Hirs has been predicting the failure of the Texas energy grid for more than a decade.

FEB 22ND Fact & Fiction: The Middle Passage in Sowande Mustakeem's Slavery at Sea (2016), Charles Johnson's Middle Passage (1990), and Lillian Jones Horace's Five Generations Hence (1916) by DR. KAREN KOSSIE-CHERNYSHEV - Texas Southern University#Africa 

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Political correctness is being ended at the University of Texas at Austin. UT agreed to disband its absurd PC police and end policies that suppress speech on campus. This is consistent with the campus free speech law I signed last session.

In under a minute University of Texas student — Emma Silverman — debunks the latest phony GOP conspiracies around mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. Emma for the win...

American University students Meredith Reilly and Zachary Houdek requested absentee ballots earlier this fall. But when they realized that the ballots had yet to arrive, the pair hopped in the car and drove 27 hours to Texas to cast their ballots in person.

The last voter at Texas Southern University has walked out of the voting booth. It took Hervis Rogers nearly 7 hours to vote tonight. #supertuesday2020 

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Performing at University of Texas El Paso October 13th! For Ticket info x @utep_ose 

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2 weeks ago, amid the coronavirus pandemic, about 70 students from the University of Texas at Austin partied in Mexico on spring break. Now, 28 of them have tested positive for the virus and dozens more are under quarantine.

Dozens of spring breakers chartered a plane for a trip to Mexico, ignoring officials' public health advice. Now, 44 of these people have tested positive for coronavirus — all of them University of Texas at Austin students, a university spokesman said.

Rick Scott was 13 when Charles Whitman shot 45 people from the University of Texas clock tower in 1966

Congratulations to Heather Wilson, who is the sole finalist to become the next President of University of Texas at El Paso effective September 1, 2019. Heather has done an absolutely fantastic job...