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Australia has one of the highest rates of IVF in the world, but despite its prevalence, we're still discovering how fertility works. University of Queensland researchers have made a game changing discovery. @G_Chumbley  #7NEWS 

University of Queensland lawyers move to block a subpoena on China’s consul-general filed by student Drew Pavlou.

Queensland university teams up with NASA to discover new planet

Queensland university teams up with NASA to discover new planet

Sneak peek from #TheFeed  this week: Adam Gilmour of @GilmourSpace  joins us to talk about launching commercial rockets by the year 2022 in partnership with the University of Queensland. Head to for the full episode.

Queensland is officially home to the nation’s best university under 50 years of age, with the leading institution smashing its souther counterparts, and it’s broken into the world’s top 20 in the process

Queensland’s top university has labelled fee hikes for some students as “very disappointing”, while another has warned the tertiary fee overhaul could cause a $5 million loss. @UQ_News 

University of Queensland scientists have won millions of dollars in funding towards the development of a potential new class of antibiotics to fight superbugs. @janellehmiles  @UQ_News 

Queenslanders are being encouraged to roll up their sleeve, and be a part of world-changing research. Volunteers are needed for the first human trial of the University of Queensland's COVID-19 vaccine. More info: @BrittanyCLane  #7NEWS 


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The student suspended from the University of Queensland over his criticism of Chinese influence on campus is suing the tertiary institution, its vice-chancellor and chancellor for $3.5 million.

“It’s a calculated move to silence me,” said the student, Drew Pavlou, who describes himself as a human rights advocate. “It’s because the University of Queensland wants to do everything possible to avoid offending its Chinese allies.”

#BREAKING Student activist Drew Pavlou has been suspended from the University of Queensland after leading campus protests in support of Hong Kong independence

Australia's University of Queensland suspended a student because he called for democracy in Hong Kong & repeatedly criticized Chinese influence on campus. “It’s a calculated move to silence me....[and] avoid offending its Chinese allies.” Academic freedom?

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Drew Pavlou, facing expulsion from the University of Queensland over his activism criticising Chinese influence, says he’s willing to take his fight all the way to the High Court.

Student activist @DrewPavlou  who has campaigned against the University of Queensland’s ties with China faces expulsion.

#FactCheck : The University of Queensland dismisses the viral video as fake. Vitamin B-6 found in bananas is good for your health but has not been proven to prevent coronavirus #CoronavirusFacts 

Peter Greste, imprisoned by Egypt and now UNESCO chair of journalism at Queensland University and ubiquitous "press freedom advocate", writes that Julian Assange is not a journalist and is unworthy of our support. His students must challenge him. He is a disgrace.

A University of Queensland student is taking the Chinese Government’s most powerful representative in Queensland to court. #7NEWS 

University of Queensland team discovers a new venomous species of snake for Australia at Weipa in the state's far north.