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Opinion Video: Democrats rely on unions to get elected, and unions are therefore first in line to get their special-interest paybacks, hence the firing of Peter Robb, the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board.

For those who haven't been following, this sets a new precedent. Unions wanted Robb gone immediately -- they think he's that bad -- but the gen counsel typically serves out their full 4-year term even when it spills into a new presidency. Background here:

Robb is a long-time mgmt-side attorney who helped break the famous PATCO strike. As gen counsel he drove unions crazy, getting McDonald's a friendly settlement in a big Fight for $15 case, going after 'neutrality' agreements, and even picking a fight with @ScabbyTheRat 

White House official confirms what Bloomberg Law reported, that Biden has asked NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb for his resignation today. It's basically unprecedented and unions should be very happy that Biden came out of the gates like this

Brought back to Washington by Trump to defend employers and bust unions, Peter Robb got his own walking papers

Some labor news: SEIU has been pressing Biden to immediately fire Peter Robb, the NLRB's Trump-appointed general counsel. That's not normally done under a new prez. It would be a precedent-setting move that shows Biden willing to play hardball for unions

SEIU sent a memo to the Biden transition team calling Robb an “extreme, anti-union ideologue” and a “uniquely destructive figure.” SEIU has made the same case to other unions. Source tells me the AFL-CIO supports canning Robb as well. They all want him out of there ASAP.

China FTA: Andrew Robb slams unions for 'economic sabotage'. | @philipwen11 

China Free Trade Agreement: Unions call on Robb to 'set the record straight'.