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Many are outraged that the impeached prez nearly caused a war w/ Iran & want Congress to intervene. House Dems just passed a bill that limits any further military force against Iran by unhinged Trump w/out approval. America needs a new president, not another war. #NoWarWithIran 

You listen to bloomberg radio you wld think the world is rocketing back to new highs 🙄🙄🙄 This in the presence of intense social unrest, huge unemployment, a virus that remains in control, and an unhinged prez ... that snap you're going to hear in a month is your 401k floor.

The public is fed up w/ the lies of Pompeo, Giuliani, Mulvaney, Bolton, Perry & AG Barr. Our democracy is at stake & headed by an unhinged Prez, whose mental health has been questioned time & time again, while he has the codes to a nuclear catastrophe. Impeachment could save all

How completely unhinged Democrats have become in this Impeachment hearing? Member of the Judiciary Committee Hank Johnson (D-GA) just said Impeachment is justified because: 1. Trump taller than Prez. Zelensky 2. Trump had Zelensky's daughter "in the basement duck taped" WHAT!

Unhinged Prez goes off in unhinged press comments. Emoluments clause is "phony" via @TPM 

Extraordinary @wsj  editorial is calling for congress to separate itself from the prez it believes is unhinged

#2016WasTheYearThatIFinally saw an unhinged con-man become Prez-Elect. Become a #MoveOn  member: #Resistance 

Orient compliqué @hisham_melhem : Totally unhinged.Turkish Prez Declares Lawrence of Arabia a Bigger Enemy than ISIS.