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@SenatorBennet  .: "...after decades of spending $5.6 trillion for two wars in the Middle East that lasted for 20 years. After decades of $5 trillion of tax cuts going to the wealthiest people in America, we're final on the cusp of making major investments... " (2/3 #AMRstaff )

Permian basin oil production is booming while American shale still holds back, thanks to private producers taking advantage of soaring oil prices without pressure for shareholders on spending discipline

Snap posted its biggest one-day drop on record after its parent company warned Apple's recent privacy changes were hampering advertiser spending. “Maybe some diversification is something they should be thinking about,” says @atbwebb 

AmEx touts appeal among young users after profit beats on spending recovery

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One of the promises of the vaccine passport was avoiding shutting down businesses like restaurants, @pjackson_nl  asks why are we shutting them down in areas of Burin. Dr. Fitzgerald says this is day 1 for VaxPass, they'll look at that for future outbreaks #covid19nfld 

Oyo promises integration of local farmers into development plan via @todayng 

School spending in Scotland is consistently the highest in the UK, yet its educational results fail to match it

A grand bargain among Democrats that links the spending bill and voting rights could help the party regain momentum before next year’s midterm elections, @RonBrownstein  writes:

Spending boom ahead as entertainment sector reopens and consumers dip into savings

Shell’s climate promises lampooned in Channel 4 ad starring literal shit-talking Joe Lycett

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It's been a difficult night for us, exhausted after spending hours in bomb shelters, but waking up to so many messages of support from you guys helps. Thank you ♥️.

What America leads in: #1 : Covid-19 cases #1 : Medical debt #1 : Prescription drug prices #1 : Deaths from lack of insurance #1 : Student debt #1 : Prisoners#1 : Gun violence #1 : Military spending #1 : Trade deficit #1 : Billionaires We need to change our national priorities.

We are advertising all over the place, but as much as we do, the Fake News likes to say we aren’t. Just being smart. We have much more money than we had at same time in 2016. Also spending on other, and different, elements of the campaign. Starting to get great poll numbers!

The drug companies are spending millions of dollars in advertising against me, only because I am lowering drug prices massively, 50% and more! Biden and Obama said they would do this for eight years, but never did...

The Do Nothing Democrats are spending much of their money on Fake Ads. I never said that the CoronaVirus is a “Hoax”, I said that the Democrats, and the way they lied about it, are a Hoax. Also, it did start with “one person from China”, and then grew, & will be a “Miracle” end!

Instead of spending $80 billion a year on jails and incarceration, we need to be investing in more jobs and education. One thing is abundantly clear: Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding. Period.

I was locked up overnight for 8 months on a felony charge for giving $20 K to a friend running for Senate. Bloomberg boasts about spending tens of millions to buy—he said it!—Democratic control of the House. What does the term “equal justice under the law” mean in this context?

“The reason they are not sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate is that they are so weak and so pathetic.” @LindseyGrahamSC  @MariaBartiromo  The great Scam continues. To be spending time on this political Hoax at this moment in our history, when I am so busy, is sad!

No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and the corporate-funded super PACs that are spending millions on negative ads attacking me.