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My only resolution for 2021 is to unfollow people who continue to dunk on the MAGA grifters after Trump’s gone. The big headed kid w/the small face, the cadre of blondes, the guy relegated to Parler who still trends here—they live to get dunked on by liberals & I’m over it.

Pls unfollow me, Trump Derangement sufferer. Never mind, I just muted you.

We have a CHOICE Who U listen To..... If U Listen to TRUMP ???? U can UNFOLLOW Me ......immediately cause I don’t do #Racists  and #DomesticTerrorists  U can INVEST in #Cannabis  and be MELLOW U can love ❤️, Heal.....and Prosper

Do you still worship our fearless, brave, handsome President Trump? Please comment so I can unfollow you.

1. Nothing you say contradicts the simple facts I stated. 2. I don't know what "elected for fraud" means but by context you're wrong. 3. I don't work for @NRO . 4. Your bio says you're a Randian and Christian. Huh. 5. The Trump stuff I agreed with I supported. 6. Unfollow me.

taking a break from @realDonaldTrump  -- and you can too: 1. Go to Settings 2. Go to Privacy and Safety 3. Go to Mute and Block 4. Go to Muted Words 5. Click the + button on the top right 6. Enter "trump" and hit save also, visit @realDonaldTrump  & click unfollow!

ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! FIVE MINUTES to the GREAT UNFOLLOWING!!!! Unfollow Trump on Twitter. Do it.


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This feels like a cleansing and happy thing to do: unfollow Trump on Twitter as part of #thegreatunfollow . The Trump Years are over. Click.

The Great Unfollowing. It would be nice to send Donald Trump a message and 10 to 20 million people unfollow him on Twitter at the same time. I was thinking Thanksgiving at 3:00 EST but could move it back a few days if it doesn't start to gain momentum

I wonder when people will start to unfollow Trump on twitter.

Just a warning: I have no tolerance for people telling me that they’re ok with a 2nd Trump term or that ‘they’re all the same’. Some of us, especially those of us who are Muslims and immigrants, don’t have your privilege. So unfollow me, or prepare to be slammed and/or blocked.

Nordstrom stock had a record day after getting rid of Trump merchandise, the government should follow suit. Also, unfollow trump on twitter.

4 those about to unfollow, If u voted Trump, I understand u wanted a safer country/ better future. THIS IS NOT HOW TO GET THAT.