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Man that first half of Lakers-Rockets gave me a bigger headache than Uncut Gems.

The last 5 minutes of the RHONY finale was the reality TV equivalent of watching Uncut Gems.

Thirty years after he first appeared on Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler talks with 60 Minutes about his time on SNL and his serious role in Uncut Gems.

sure I’m watching the DNC, if by DNC you mean DauNCut gems and no, you delete *your* bad tweets

Watching a playoff hockey game gives me the same feeling as watching "Uncut Gems."

This supercut of every "fuck" said in Uncut Gems offers an inadvertent summary of 2020 so far

Saniniu Laizer, a 52-year-old miner in Tanzania, became a millionaire overnight by selling two large uncut gems that weighed a combined 33 pounds.


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Adam Sandler threatens to make a movie that is 'so bad on purpose' if he doesn't win Oscar for Uncut Gems

Go see Uncut Gems in a theater if you can. It’s a manic, tense, psychedelic, hilarious, insanely well executed film. As soon as it ended the audience burst in to applause. It felt like we all got off a ride together.

Uncut Gems was the most stressful movie I have ever watched in my entire life. Adam Sandler was phenomenal. I can’t even tell if I enjoyed the movie because my anxiety was so high throughout. Unbelievable.

@Theweeknd  wore his own 2012 jeans in that 'Uncut Gems' club scene.

Uncut Gems not getting a single Oscar nomination is ridiculous. It’s because Adam Sandler is Adam Sandler that they couldn’t just look at his incredible acting and sports theme always hurts. Utter garbage.

National Board of Review has named #TheIrishman  the Best Film of 2019. Here's the rest of their top films of the year: 1917 Dolemite is My Name Ford v Ferrari Jojo Rabbit Knives Out Marriage Story Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood Richard Jewell Uncut Gems Waves

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The nominees for the 2020 #SpiritAwards  Best Male Lead are: Chris Galust - GIVE ME LIBERTY Kelvin Harrison - Jr., LUCE Robert Pattinson - THE LIGHTHOUSE Adam Sandler - UNCUT GEMSMatthias Schoenaerts - THE MUSTANG

? @theweeknd  is making his acting debut in the crime thriller, 'Uncut Gems' alongside Adam Sandler: