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#BSOpinion | U @75  v multilateralism & democracy What is the future of @UN ; @sunitanar  writes

#BSOpinion | U @75  v multilateralism & democracy What is the future of @UN  @sunitanar  writes

Dear young people of IN This is your moment to build a better world! All it takes is 1 minute. 1 survey. 1 opportunity to have YOUR say. Send "UN75" using the Facebook link below to join the #UnitedForHope  conversation! 📲 @UReportIndia  @UNICEFIndia 

PLDT, Smart join UNGC commitment to good governance, ethics at UN75

Gender equality is everyone's business. Here is what Member States can do. ⬇️ #WPSin2020  #UNGA  #UN75 

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#UNGA: Italy’s Conte says movement towards peace in Libya ‘encouraging’ #UN75  #UN2020 

The deadline for UN75Photo Exhibition submissions is approaching! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your 📷📸talented shots of @UN  work and staff 📷 📸 as we shape our future together. Submit your pictures before 30 Sept! More info 👉

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#UNGA: Abraham Accord shows possibilities of diplomacy, says Greek prime minister #UN75  #UNGA2020 


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I believe in this multilateralism of deeds, more than words. ➖ @EmmanuelMacron  #UN75  #ShapingOurFuture 

NOW: The 75th United Nations General Assembly. #UN75  #UNGA 

Live: Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at #UN  high-level meeting to celebrate the UN's 75th anniversary #UN75 

#DidYouKnow? UN Peacekeeping has been around for 72 years -- that makes us 3 years younger than the @UN ! #UNGA  #UN75 

More women leaders ➡️ increased chance of lasting peace @antonioguterres  #UN75  #UNGA  #WPSin2020 

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For the first time, 9 September is marked as the Int. Day to Protect #Education  From Attack! 🕙Join us at 9 September 8.30am(ET) for the high-level virtual event to mark the Int. Day to Protect Education From Attack ▶️ #ACTtoProtect #children #UN75 #UNGA

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As the @UN  turns 75, we want to hear from YOU -- young people -- on how to tackle the biggest challenges of our time Send "UN75" using any link below to join the #UnitedForHope  conversation! FacebookWhatsApp

It's your world. And your future. So have YOUR say. Fill out the #UN75  survey today:

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@UN  announces launch of global conversations for a better future, in buildup to #UN75  in 2020