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Damn baby So ˈSeksē UmmReal ˈSeksē Lo Sabes bebé You know it baby Ummm Can I paint your toes Yes-es! baby

Umm so after day one pretty much all vinyl is SOLD OUT. I’m kind of speechless. I thought it would take a month to sell it all best case ?! Thank you thank you. So you want a restock ? Let me know which ones you missed out on so we know the quantities.

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Maersk's new recruiting video is, umm, really quite something.

Who wrote this, Ben Myers? That drop in rents seems, umm, optimistic. @ac_eco  care to comment?

i cant believe how much time @CNBC  and others spend analyzing buffet's stock moves (they shouldn't even call them trades). umm psst. no1 can do what he does it just doesn't work as a retail investment thesis. do your own homew...

Every month, the El-Sawy Culturalwheel Theatre in Cairo puts on a marionette show. Recently, the theatre paid tribute to legendary Egyptian singer, Umm Kulthum. #InspireMiddleEast  was front row:


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Umm you guys... A Little Bit Longer is 10 years old today ?? @nickjonas  @kevinjonas 

@ddlovato umm yeah I guess so but that might be a little wierd. I've never traveled by pocket b4. :)

Umm, in the spirit of keeping life fun&silly amidst all of the insanity in our world- this is amazing...

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Umm does anyone remember that @BernieSanders  called @HillaryClinton  corrupt, unqualified, an illegitimate winner of the primary and then let his supporters try to ruin her nominating convention? Cause I do.

@umm_zarry hope so this one girl looked so sad

"What did you do today man?" "Umm woke up and made twitter accounts for my cats" #daysoff 

IM READY!!!! Oh my bad I thought, maybe u were, umm never mind back to my regular schedule program

Umm.. Apparently there's a new cast member joining vampirediaries…luis16suarez!! #WorldCup2014 …