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Ukrainian, Russian and OSCE negotiators last week agreed on a full ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, putting on hold the military conflict that has claimed more than 13,000 lives since 2014

RUDY GIULIANI — who has been paid recently by BAHRAIN, M.E.K. & a Ukrainian-Russian developer — says he's earned $800k this year, but divorce-related expenses sapped his resources, forcing him to borrow $100k from another TRUMP lawyer to pay his taxes.

An excellent guide to the Ukrainian-Russian nexus and a reliable yardstick for assessing the outcome of the 9 December meeting in Paris: Will the Normandy Four summit bring "peace for our time" to Ukraine?

"Zelenskyy wants peace...that means control of the Ukrainian-Russian border, it means a withdrawal of all forces on Ukrainian territory, it means a return to the ways things were before 2014, but that's not what Russia wants" – @melindaharing .

NEW: Ukrainian-Russian developer PAVEL FUKS says he signed a 1-yr contract specifying that @MayorRGiuliani  would be his "lobbyist." But RUDY says the contract specified he would not lobby in the US, & that he only lobbied then-Ukrainian president Poroshenko.

Ukrainian, Russian forces pull out of disputed town

A Ukrainian court orders the seizure of a Russian tanker stopped last week over its alleged involvement in a Ukrainian-Russian naval clash last year, the country's chief military prosecutor.

#UPDATE  A Ukrainian court has ordered the seizure of a Russian tanker stopped last week over its alleged involvement in a Ukrainian-Russian naval clash last year, the country's chief military prosecutor said

Ukrainian authorities open treason case over Ukrainian channel’s plan to partner with Russian broadcaster to host Ukrainian-Russian dialogue


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The Ukrainian-Russian developer PAVEL FUKS, who negotiated with TRUMP about building a tower in Moscow a decade ago, also was in DC for the inauguration. He didn't attend any inaugural events, but he did rub elbows at w & other GOP bigs

NEW: Ukrainian-Russian developer PAVEL FUKS files suit against the GOP fundraiser @yurivanetik  for scamming Fuks out of $200k he paid for a VIP package to TRUMP's inauguration. *It's illegal for foreigners to donate to presidential inaugural committees.

@yurivanetik  @TheWeeklyA  @TrumpDC  Ukrainian-Russian' alt='GOPLeaderUkrainian-Russian' /'>@GOPLeaderUkrainian-Russian  developer was told he could pay $350k to meet TRUMP at the inauguration, per a lawsuit the developer brought against GOP $-man . @yurivanetik  “You need to be prepared to spend money to get access at events like this, " VANETIK texted.

More than 2 years ago, Pavel Fuks, a wealthy Ukrainian-Russian developer looking for ways to attract more investment from the U.S. to his hometown, Kharkiv, Ukraine, enlisted an especially well-connected American to help him: Rudy Giuliani.

@nytimes  @TheWeeklyO  @FXNetworksn  @hulue  @AllMattNYT  @redditU  @MarkMazzettiNYTk  @maggieNYTr  @TrumpDCainian-Russian  who tried — but failed — to get VIP access was the developer PAVEL FUKS, who had tried to build a TRUMP Tower in Moscow years earlier. He paid $200k for tickets, but says he never got them. Now he's suing a lobbyist for defrauding him

@MayorRGiulian  @JoeBideni  @VicToensing  @AmericaFirstPAC . @lachlan  @POTUSal  @MayorRGiulianiso  said he wasn't lobbying for the Ukrainian-Russian developer PAVEL FUKS. BUT: Fuks told me he hired Mr. Giuliani as “a lobbyist* for Kharkiv & Ukraine. This is stated in the contract.” *It's possible he was using the term colloquially.

SCOOP: Trump wanted a $20 million upfront fee from a Ukrainian-Russian developer to put his name on a Moscow tower in 2006, the developer tells #tictocnews 

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Sen. Coons: “Why is it easier to get Republicans to vote against lifting sanctions on a Ukrainian Russian oligarch, than it is to get them to sign onto a letter that simply says: ‘Mr. President reopen the government?’”