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The committee said that it agrees with the experts who say China's campaign against the Uighurs meets the definition of genocide set out in the 1948 Genocide Convention. @JPTasker 

China’s treatment of Uighurs amounts to ‘genocide,’ parliamentary subcommittee concludes

New satellite imagery shows 40% more detention camps in China than previously known. The report also revealed the direct efforts of the Chinese government to tear down the cultural heritage of the Uighurs, including the damage and destruction of roughly 16,000 mosques.

Customs officials say the shipment of gloves were made by a company in Xinjiang, a region of northwestern China where the government has imprisoned more than 1 million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities as part of an ethnic assimilation campaign.

Interesting piece by @lilkuo  about the idea of boycotting China's Winter Olympics, something @tingdc  has looked at, too. What I wonder is, what happens if the opening ceremonies feature happy dancing Uighurs?

China’s ruling party ignores the concept of individual rights. "Minorities, such as Tibetans and Uighurs, have no protection in such a system....The regime has been determined to...force them to assimilate into the dominant Han culture."

A must listen to podcast on the persecution of Uighurs in China via @TheEconomist ⁩

Major retailers from Adidas to Amazon asked to reconsider Chinese supply chains for risk of slave labour involving ethnic Uighurs. #AntiSlaveryDay 

Uighurs outside China are using technology to help friends and relatives back home resist state oppression. @PeterGuest  on @restofworld  #TheWebThisWeekag 


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China has destroyed 8,500+ mosques in Xinjiang, says a new report based on satellite data. Researchers say China has also built or expanded 380 camps holding Uighurs and minorities since 2017, telling @guardian  it is like NYC building "55 prisons only for Black Americans."

Disney is under fire for filming parts of #Mulan  in Xinjiang province, where over one million Uighurs have been detained in internment camps.

A US teenager’s TikTok ‘makeup tutorial’ condemning China’s treatment of Uighurs has gone viral. Read more on the story here:

The Chinese Communist Party has forced over one million Uighurs into concentration camps and engaged in ethnic cleansing, including horrific forced abortions and sterilizations. These egregious human rights violations cannot be tolerated.

Why do Muslim states stay silent over China’s abuse of the Uighurs? | Nick Cohen

According to Bolton, Trump privately told China’s tyrant that he should keep building concentration camps for Uighurs. That is an obscenity. He deserves to lose every state in November.

President Trump: We just fought for the Senate to pass a bill to sanction the Chinese Communist Party for the their human rights abuses against the Uighurs. You need to act to hold China accountable for their human rights abuses.

Hong Kong police clashed with pro-democracy protesters rallying in solidarity with China's Uighurs.

Leaked docs of the mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang show the evil manifested by the Chinese Communist Party. Trump admin recently implemented measures I pushed to blacklist Chinese companies that enable this mass surveillance & oppression.