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New this morning: It's raining political dominoes in fast-growing Central Texas due to redistricting #txlege 

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick supports calling a fourth special legislative session #txlege 

Here’s Sparks’ TV spot, which touts his Trump endorsement: #SD31  #txlege 

Biedermann confirms to me he’s still considering #HD19  #txlege 


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So. What are the odds I’ll sign the Chick-fil-A bill? I’ll let you know after dinner. @ChickfilA ⁩ #txlege 

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Vote fraud conviction in Texas. A non-citizen who illegally voted in two elections was found guilty. #txlege  #tcot 

Arrest warrant issued in West Dallas voter fraud case. Vote stealers are going to face justice. #txlege  #tcot 

I just signed a law protecting free speech on college campuses. #txlege 

@wsj : Texas electric bills were $28B higher under deregulation #yeahthatsaysbillion  #txlege 

This has my support! Restaurants begin push to make alcohol-to-go permanent in Texas. #txlege