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Total #COVID19  vaccine doses administered in India cross the 160 crore mark: Union Health Minister Manuskh Mandaviya (Photo courtesy: Health Minister's Twitter handle)

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I’m somewhat entertained at the level of twitter affrontery when people criticise - even mildly - Wakeford’s voting record and defection. Scrutiny and criticism of his record is entirely legitimate - not least because it’s a bomb site in itself. Sure, I get Labour welcoming him..

How many followers will you have a year from now? Many people will have the same or fewer. Learn the secrets of how to gain Twitter followers x #smm  #socialmedia 

Twitter, does anyone know if these saliva-based covid tests are as reliable as nasal LFTs? Ta.

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Ask Me Anything. I want to buy your book... *Twitter *socialmedia *Smm *marketing *authors *amreading *ian1

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This is for everyone new on Twitter. One rule to learn is to follow back and vet accounts because if you don't, people will unfollow. All you have to do is hit the Follow Button or go to your main page and click on Followers. x

Twitter resurrects tweets from stars that brought their dreams to life

Twitter Finally Brings Communities to its Android App via @socialmedia2day 

The Six Step *TwitterFormula *davebaileyme from 2,000 > 42,000 > 4 mos Here's Dave's testimony in his own words using the HTG100K book. Remember in life there's no free lunch & no shortcuts follow Dave's lead, read the book & use 6 steps 25min a day *smm

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what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?

not sure anyone has heard but, I resigned from Twitter

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If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.

I will be reaching out to head of twitter about their policies being violated every day by President Tump. Hope my call is taken. Please retweet if you agree

Twitter is going wild with their flags, trying hard to suppress even the truth. Just shows how dangerous they are, purposely stifling free speech. Very dangerous for our Country. Does Congress know that this is how Communism starts? Cancel Culture at its worst. End Section 230!

Wow! Twitter bans highly respected Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano after he did a great job of leading a hearing on the 2020 Election fraud. They and the Fake News, working together, want to SILENCE THE TRUTH. Can’t let that happen. This is what Communist countries do!

Twitter is out of control, made possible through the government gift of Section 230!

Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA. Based on her statement, she is responsible for many deaths. She’s an incompetent, third-rate politician!

This dude trolling the police with Star Wars - Imperial March is exactly the Twitter content I am here for today...

I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows TwitterPhilanthropist@pulte  and Me!! (If you don’t follow us, we can’t DM you the money) Will show proof! Much love