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Brit who fought off crocodile as it dragged her twin sister in a death roll at Mexican lagoon jokes 'I'm like Crocodile Dundee'

'I punched crocodile on the nose to save twin sister… call me Crocodile Dundee'

Opinion | The #quotation  mark is a cut above run-of-the-mill #punctuations . In its previous life, it was just a comma — one of scores strewn across the text. But inverted, elevated and paired with its twin, it confers gravitas to content.

International #Arts  Festival in #Springburn  NOW. Twin challenge ~ get all Springburners along & get you West End folk into the best new art exhibition in town. 8 mins from Queen St on the train. No excuse @Glfestival 

In May, she and her fiancé bought 47 guns from shops around the Twin Cities and sold them on the black market. By the end of the month, three of the guns had already been confiscated by police in connection with shooting investigations.

Today is forecast to be the 10th day this June with a high of 90 degrees or warmer in the Twin Cities. A check of Twin Cities weather records shows just six other Junes with 10 or more days of 90 degrees or warmer

G7 climate action lacks detail, urgency and vision. Tasneem Essop - Exec Dir, Climate Action International "Unforgivable. Short-sighted. Selfish. The outcomes from the G7 Summit simply do not measure up to address the twin global crises the world faces: a historic pandemic...

We've had nine 90-degrees in the Twin Cities metro area in a row — in June! It's a record for the earliest stretch of days this hot.

Showers and t-storms are possible across much of the region today, with the best chance for isolated severe storms over the Twin Ports and northwest WI. Primary hazards will be damaging winds and hail. Some showers may linger into Sunday evening over the MN Arrowhead. #mnwx  #wiwx 

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The Robbinsville Black Knights wrestling team has a set of twin terrors that push each other to excel - and they may both get to stand on top of a podium at the end!


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twin sisters, reunited at 92 after vaccinations, toast first dinner out with scotch-and-water (Mom's on the left)

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Israeli police have arrested Palestinian activist Muna al-Kurd in Sheikh Jarrah, occupied East Jerusalem. Her father said the 23-year-old was detained after police raided their family home. They also issued a notice for her twin brother Mohammad to turn himself in.

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Philip Kahn, a 100-year-old World War II veteran, died on April 17 from the coronavirus. His twin brother, Samuel, died a century earlier as an infant during another pandemic, the Spanish Flu of 1918-19.

Dozens of owners whose Twin Cities properties were severely damaged in the May riots have been stunned to discover that the money they would collect from their insurance company for demolition won’t come close to the actual costs of doing the job.

Now @FoxNews is putting on yet another loser, Jamie Weinstein, into their stable of Trump haters. People who failed for many years are now going on Fox to explain “Trump”. Schumer puppet Chris Hahn and his twin brother, Richard Goodstein, together with cheater Donna Brazil. Bad!

ABC/Ipsos poll on Trump’s handling of America’s twin crises: coronavirus 39% approve 60% disapprove Floyd protests 32% approve 66% disapprove

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman His twin brother, Lt Col. Yevgeny Vindman Gordon Sondland Late yesterday, Trump retaliated against those who spoke out—and members of their family. This should concern all Americans.

These twin babies discussing Coronavirus at bedtime is the best thing you’ll see today...