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For years, the “Twilight” alum has bedazzled and bewildered us with his gonzo vocal performances. What is he trying to tell us?

‘Tenet’ and the twilight of Hollywood’s power

Vermont museum to honor twilight'>Alexander Twilight, America’s first Black college graduate and state legislator

The #NikeRunClub  app is being updated alongside the #AppleWatchSeries6  launch with an exclusive new watch face, Twilight Mode, and a streaks function.

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I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of @anneapplebaum ’s Twilight of Democracy every night this week, and it’s just too good for me not to buy the book as well. Admittedly, it’s not exactly conducive to sweet dreams, but I think it is – alas – essential reading/listening

Twilight w/ @ChristianHoman  on @RTEPulse  sees us chat to Northern Irish Songwriters/producers @ryansewell7  and @limborecords  @RichieBlacker  about their work to date and their respective new releases Tune in Fri from 6pm #christianhoman  #twilightrte  #rte 

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Seattle is the Twilight Zone. 🤯


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have you cried to Robert Pattinson singing “let me sign” in the twilight montage or are you normal

Happy 33rd birthday to Lionel Messi. He’s reaching the twilight of his astonishing career. 722 games and 699 goals for a player that is as creative and unselfish for others as he is prolific and deadly in his finishing. We’ll miss him when he’s gone. Enjoy him while we can. 🐐

“We are in the twilight of Trumpism. He is a spent force. Events of this spring and summer have emasculated him; he wasted his presidency tweeting, making a fool of himself, and demeaning the stature of his office. It’s over.” ~ @roddreher ⁩

I cherish taking leisurely strolls with my wife Jean at twilight. My steps are getting slower and increasingly I have another journey on my mind—the one into eternity. But the joy—the sheer, unadulterated joy—of a hand-in-hand , slow walk as evening shadows fall never ceases.

Watching this impeachment process is like witnessing a tennis match between reality and the Twilight Zone.

"Twilight" will return to theaters for its 10-year anniversary

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So Fox News shames a man for working at Trader Joe's because he was once on a hit TV show? Demonizing hard work while abetting grifters enriching themselves on tax dollars is a potent stew of hypocrisy and irony. Maybe we're unknowing extras in a revival of the Twilight Zone.

If you wished upon that first Star you saw tonight in twilight, then it will not likely come true. You wished on planet Venus

Is it twilight dayyy ahhhhhhh