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"Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias accused Germany of failing to live up to its leadership role in the EU by rejecting pleas from Athens to impose an arms embargo on Turkey."

Greek MFA @NikosDendias  on the possibility of EU leaders following the same course as last time on Turkey: “If you do the same things you did in the past and expect another outcome in the future, this is something described with the word ‘naive’ — and that’s a mild term for it. "

Evidence suggests the European Union's border agency, Frontex, is covering up for the Greek government as it illegally pushes asylums seekers back to Turkey, often in dangerous conditions, with no chance to have their claims for asylum heard.

Turkey’s research vessel Oruc Reis reached even up to 7 nautical miles off Greece’s island of Kastellorizo late yesterday, before gradually moving outside the Greek continental shelf, Kathimerini reports #Greece 

Turkey's illegal actions a common concern for EU countries, Greek Foreign Min. spox says

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According to leading Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak, Turkey is considering retaliating against EU Operation Irini's attempted inspection of a Turkish vessel en route to Libya (suspected of carrying weapons) by intervening in Greek ships in the EastMed.

"We will not sit at the table of negotiations after a period of bullying, effectively signing up to an outrageous agenda. If we do, every time a disagreement comes up in talks with Turkey, Ankara will know exactly what to do to force a Greek concession."

Statement of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hami Aksoy, in Response to a Question Regarding the Statements of the Greek Foreign Minister in Social Media About Turkey

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According to Greek MFA @NikosDendias  , Turkey has been given every opportunity so far, “but did not respond.” He noted that last-minute statements by Turkey will not deceive the EU. “The European Union is not naive,” he said.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy late Tuesday reacted to comments by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, describing them as signs of Athens’ unwillingness to engage in dialogue with Ankara over bilateral disputes


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Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 shakes Greek island of Samos and Turkey's Aegean coast, US Geological Survey says

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This shocking footage was taken after an earthquake struck off Turkey's Aegean coast It shows the Greek island of Samos beginning to flood

A 7.0 earthquake hit Greece and Turkey, collapsing buildings in Turkish city Izmir with people trapped inside. The 2 countries have pledged to assist each other, despite tensions: ▪️ No deaths are reported ▪️ Sea surge flooded streets in Izmir, Greek island Samos

Tensions between Greece and Turkey are ratcheting up after Turkey announced plans to keep exploring for gas in the eastern Mediterranean. Greek PM @kmitsotakis  says “my message to Turkey is very simple: stop the provocations and let’s start talking as civilized neighbors.”

1/ This thread explains how migrants/refugees move inside Turkey to Greek border. How do people travel? What's role of Turkish police &mayors? Is it spontaneous or organized by authorities? Last 48 hrs I spoke to Syrians &others who are on the move. This is what I've learned:

Refugees have reached the Turkish Greek border close to #Edirne  & now they are stuck there. They cant go back to Turkey becaue Turkish soldiers are not allowing them. And they cant move forward because Greece isnt allowing them. Video via @salam_aldeen1 .

🎥 A young girl is treated for the effects of tear gas fired by the Greek police at the migrants on the Turkey/Greece border. More here:

This is the first reported death among migrants trying to cross from Turkey to Greece. One syrian man was shot dead by Greek border guards. Here is the video. @akhbar 

Classified US cable: Turkey violating Greek airspace 40 times a day

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This amazing Greek floor mosaic was recently uncovered in Turkey. It's over 2000 years old.

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