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Outcry after #Tunisian  Doctor Dies in Hospital Lift Accident

It's been 10 years since a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire in protest and set off a revolutionary movement in the Middle East and North Africa. Here are eight graphics that show how these countries have changed in the past decade.

Doctors protest after Tunisian medic plunges to his death in hospital lift accident

Outcry after Tunisian doctor dies in hospital lift accident Qu0LtIVcbP#USNews 

Tunisian labour union demands dialogue amid rising unemployment and unrest

What a gem I discovered on @spotifyindia  Tunisian fusion jazz composer @DhaferYoussef  playing a rare Carnatic raga on oud with @ZakirHtabla ! Nasikabhushani !

"The lynching of women who express themselves freely on social media, of women activists or women political figures, has the aim of eliminating women from public space." -- Yosra Frawes, president of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women #EndVAW 

The taste of a Libyan wedding, rozata (known elsewhere as orgeat). Everyone here in Marseille knows the best orgeat comes in this unlabelled bottle, made in-house at Maison Journo, a city centre pâtisserie founded by Tunisian Jews in the mid 1960s & run by the same family since.

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#Tunisian Central Bank Keeps Key Rate Unchanged at 6.25%


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This Tunisian musician is playing Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" on the Kanun! And it sounds fabulous. Thank you @FersiFarah  for this 😍 @akhbar 

On this date in 1996, Michael performed for the first time as a solo artist on the African continent for 60,000 fans in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. He then announced that proceeds would benefit the National Solidarity Fund, a Tunisian charity fighting poverty. #MJHumanitarian 

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Big day. Today in Hamburg the trial starts against German/Tunisian ISIS woman Omaima Abdi. She joined ISIS in Syria &returned to Hamburg as if nothing had happened. Then we found her Syria phone with 1000s of pics on it. She got arrested &now faces multiple charges. @akhbar 

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of Tunisian national team working on defending corners in training. #TUNVSENG 

1- #BREAK  North of Raqqa, I met Lebanese wife of Tunisian ISIS fighter. Tried to flee Raqqa to Turkey. Caught by Kurds. Now in refugee camp.

German police are searching for a Tunisian man named as Anis A over Berlin market attack - reports

Under DeBlasio rules the Tunisian terrorist from Berlin would not have been stopped by Italian police. Time to back NYC police over DeBlasio

Once the ED trace the Tunisian company investment in Emaar the Gandhi will be arrested.

#ParisAttacks victims so far: French American British Belgian Spanish Swedish Portuguese Chilean Tunisian Algerian Moroccan

Death toll rises to 27 in attack on Tunisian tourist resort of #Sousse , interior ministry says