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The University of South Carolina and Midlands Tech are rolling out plans to make transferring between the two institutions easier for students in selected programs — a move that officials say will have statewide impact

China has approved the first domestic COVID-19 therapy for emergency use, a neutralizing monoclonal antibody combination therapy co-developed by Tsinghua University and Brii Biosciences.

Rod Liddle demands apology from university for its 'despicable' treatment of academic who invited him to speak

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences was recently given a $62,000 grant that will help integrate social workers, psychologists and other mental health professionals into their 19 primary care clinics. | #arnews 

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One day after the University of Oklahoma officially introduced its new head football coach, a state senator took a parting shot at the team's previous leader.

For the first time, University of North Florida professors are digitally publishing hand-written documents that show what it was like to live in 1930's Jacksonville.

Opinion: When it comes to preserving "historic" buildings, don't overlook the split-level apartment buildings that have housed thousands of University of Iowa students in the past 50 years.

New research from the University of Kentucky has discovered why bed bugs do not stay on humans like other pests.


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Am thinking of starting new university: Texas Institute of Technology & Science

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said rankings by Johns Hopkins University showed Spain was fifth in the world in testing rates. But those international rankings appear not to exist.

Wearing a face mask does help if you do it properly. Seto Wing Hong of Hong Kong University demonstrates the correct way to wear a face mask #coronavirus 

Coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University appears safe and trains the immune system, key early trials show

BREAKING: The Supreme Court just sided with the Trump administration, ruling your employer or university can deny you birth control coverage based on a religious or moral objection. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Religious liberty is not a license to discriminate.

I remember when George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to bar entry to Black students. I remember when the University of Alabama had a football team that was all white. This strikes me as significant.

News of Donald Trump commuting Roger Stone's sentence proves what was obvious since the beginning. The pledge to "drain the swamp" was about as real as Trump University. Many will conclude Stone had a lot to say to implicate Trump, didn't say it, and was rewarded accordingly.

College freshmen: Don’t waste your tuition dollars at a 4-year university if all of your classes are going to be on Zoom. Instead, save money and take your gen-eds at your local community college. Your degree will be the same in the end and your wallet will thank you.

Where is Congress? Where is the Supreme Court? Where are the mayors and governors? Living former presidents? Where are the university presidents, foundation heads, religious leaders, corporate leaders, union heads, editors and publishers? All must stand up to Trump’s madness.