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FBI use phone tracking to arrest man who stormed Capitol during Jan. 6 riots dressed as George Washington

“Foxmania” Jan. 6 defendant Anthony Antonio is making a virtual court appearance. Before the judge joined, his Delaware lawyer made small talk about when the Washington Football Team is finally going to get a real name.

Explain in four words why the sprawling FBI investigation into the Jan. 6 attack is a logistical nightmare:

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Congratulations to six leaders from @SpectrumHealth , @VirtuaHealth , @renownhealth , @OhioHospitals , @BillingsClinic  and @mainlinehealth  for being selected to join AHA’s Board of Trustees for three-year terms beginning on Jan. 1, 2022. More here:

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The FAA has received more than 3,715 reports of unruly passengers this past year between Jan. 1 and Aug.1 Of those, 2,729 were mask-related incidents. Overall, the FAA reports opening 628 investigations, the highest number on record.

@NoahRFeldman : "We should be extremely careful before concluding that Trump was acting only in his personal capacity on Jan. 6"

U.S. travel market + daily U.S. air passenger throughput (Jan 2019-June 2021)

The GOP pushed Benghazi probes for years. It’s already done with Jan. 6.

Michigan State football opens preseason camp, Year 2 for Mel Tucker

Biden to sign bill that awards Congressional Gold Medals to D.C., Capitol police for work on Jan. 6


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Does @TuckerCarlson  want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?

Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker, who was married in 1952, always wanted to wear a wedding dress. But at the time Black women weren’t allowed in bridal shops. Now 94, her dream is coming true.

Watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson call one of his guests a 'tiny brain...moron' during an interview. NowThis has obtained the full segment with historian Rutger Bregman that Fox News is refusing to air.

After years of lying about me and my family, @TuckerCarlson is losing his mind that I won’t return his calls. Sorry, Tucker, I’m just not that into you. Who knows what lie he’ll tell next? #TuckerTantrum 

#BREAKING Officer Fanone just ran into @Rep_Clyde  at Capitol (he’s the “Jan 6 was a typical tour” guy). Fanone introduced himself as “someone who fought to defend the Capitol” and put out his hand. Clyde refused to shake it. To honor Trump, @HouseGOP  will dishonor the police.

On the morning of Jan. 6, Ginni Thomas—wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—endorsed the protest demanding that Congress overturn the election, then sent her “LOVE” to the demonstrators, who violently overtook the Capitol several hours later. She has not posted since.

Tucker Carlson segment on a video deleted from Chinese social media of a professor saying that China "has people at the top of America's core inner circle of power & influence."

“10% of voters would have changed their vote if they knew about Hunter Biden.” Miranda Devine@nypost  @TuckerCarlson  But I won anyway!

“Cities across the Nation that are run by Democrats are in shambles.” Matt Walsh@TuckerCarlson