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I covered the points in this story on @TuckerCarlson ⁩ airing Thursday. Tucker’s #Bitcoin  & El Salvador coverage is light years ahead of all media (including @joerogan ) Volcano Bonds—An Imminent Paradigm Shift in the Bond Market and What It Means

Tucker Carlson Rips NHL Over Pro-Trans Tweet, Says the Left Wants to ‘Hijack’ Sports to ‘Brainwash’ Young Men

Philadelphia 76Ers @ Cleveland Cavaliers: Edge to Philly to win the tip. Teams are dead even in 1st point conversion in their last 5 games. Could go either way for the 1st point. Philly : Embiid / PJ TuckerCavs: D. Mitchell / E. Mobley

Good to see Tucker actually shooting, lol

The powerful gay man behind Tucker Carlson's bloodcurdling hate @msignorile )

If you cook, you may have family recipes that are holiday traditions and you may spend a lot of time searching for them in cookbooks. WCCB Charlotte Jamey Tucker takes a look at easy ways to save recipes on your phone.

@elonmusk  I agree with Tucker here $AAPL in full of de wormz. So many issues....

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Opinion: What Tucker Carlson and Trumpist Republicans Get Wrong About Ukraine


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Watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson call one of his guests a 'tiny brain...moron' during an interview. NowThis has obtained the full segment with historian Rutger Bregman that Fox News is refusing to air.

Tucker EXPOSES why FTX "laundering" scheme for Democrats is SO much worse than you thought…

Tucker just ended NBC after they got CAUGHT scrubbing the Today Show's Paul Pelosi report raising questions about the attack: "NBC News has Jeffrey Epstein'ed the entire thing."

???Tucker Carlson with an absolutely damning walkthrough of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings where Hunter sold access to his Vice President father.

Does @TuckerCarlson  want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?

Do not let Republicans rewrite whose side they were on before Russia attacked Ukraine. Led by Trump/Tucker/Pompeo many were rooting for Russia. Let’s be real: if Trump was president we’d be sending weapons to Russia. #StandWithUkriane 

A man DM’d I should be shot. For my family’s safety, I asked Twitter for help ID’ing him. When Twitter fell short (thanks for trying!) I asked the guy his name (stringing him a bit) & why he threatened me. Meet Jeremy Marshall who told me he was radicalized by Tucker Carlson. 🧵

After years of lying about me and my family, @TuckerCarlson is losing his mind that I won’t return his calls. Sorry, Tucker, I’m just not that into you. Who knows what lie he’ll tell next? #TuckerTantrum 

“10% of voters would have changed their vote if they knew about Hunter Biden.” Miranda Devine@nypost  @TuckerCarlson  But I won anyway!

PJ Tucker at center trying to guard AD tonight