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The swelling in left knee of Miami Heat forward P.J. Tucker has subsided, allowing him to bypass an MRI and he intends to be available for Game 3 tomorrow against Boston Celtics, league sources tell @YahooSports , @NBAonTNT .

Tucker Carlson: Biden Giving WHO Power to 'Deploy Proactive Countermeasures Against Misinformation and Social Media Attacks'

After decrying the establishment-driven campaign to unseat him following a long series of scandals, Madison Cawthorn credited those he called his true allies, specifically naming figures like Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson: Biden Giving WHO Power to 'Deploy Proactive Countermeasures Against Misinformation and Social Media Attacks'

Thanks to cheap supplies of Russian oil and gas, the Hungarian conglomerate MOL said it would pay dividends of $652 million to shareholders. More than $65 million of that will go to a foundation that hosted Tucker Carlson at a right-wing festival.

That punk is openly messing around with my wife and has her picture sitting on his desk. It was time for us to meet. So I called that M'therf**kr on the phone. "Hello, this is Apex Aviation, Harold Carlson, can I help you?" #Booktrailercaughtup  #Infidelity 

Tucker Carlson Asked for Hunter Biden’s Help Getting His Son Into College

Pressure moment at Columbus North Sectional. Tucker Smith, first 70-foot shot putter in Indiana history, fouled first two attempts. One more, and he would have been out. He threw 60-3 on third, then won at 68-11 1/2. @cg_sports  won team title over Columbus North, 191-136.

There is nothing subtle about the rhetoric we hear coming from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, from Republican governors in states or even from Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the No. 3 House Republican.

Dylan Carlson with a one-run single. Then Yadier Molina knocks in two with another base hit. Cardinals lead 4-0, but it feels more like 4,000-1 with Wainwright pitching.


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WaPo has verified 2014 emails in which Tucker Carlson and his wife asked Hunter Biden for help in getting their son into Georgetown. (via @mviser )

Watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson call one of his guests a 'tiny brain...moron' during an interview. NowThis has obtained the full segment with historian Rutger Bregman that Fox News is refusing to air.

Tucker Carlson is many things — but he’s not stupid. When he pushes racist conspiracies like “the great replacement,” he knows the risks. He knows some view his vile hate as a call to arms. The problem is Tucker just doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself.

A self-described white supremecist traveled to a black neighborhood and murdered 10 people today, leaving behind a manifesto on the Great Replacement theory — a racist conspiracy theory endorsed repeatedly by Tucker Carlson, the nation’s most-watched political pundit

Does @TuckerCarlson  want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?

Do not let Republicans rewrite whose side they were on before Russia attacked Ukraine. Led by Trump/Tucker/Pompeo many were rooting for Russia. Let’s be real: if Trump was president we’d be sending weapons to Russia. #StandWithUkriane 

A man DM’d I should be shot. For my family’s safety, I asked Twitter for help ID’ing him. When Twitter fell short (thanks for trying!) I asked the guy his name (stringing him a bit) & why he threatened me. Meet Jeremy Marshall who told me he was radicalized by Tucker Carlson. 🧵

After years of lying about me and my family, @TuckerCarlson is losing his mind that I won’t return his calls. Sorry, Tucker, I’m just not that into you. Who knows what lie he’ll tell next? #TuckerTantrum 

“10% of voters would have changed their vote if they knew about Hunter Biden.” Miranda Devine@nypost  @TuckerCarlson  But I won anyway!

PJ Tucker at center trying to guard AD tonight