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No matter what statistic you look at, they all point to one truth: meat hurts our planet. We have the power to make real change if we replace animal agriculture with sustainable, plant-based alternatives. Get your free plant-based eating starter guide:

@rupagulab  @ShekharGupta :-) His insincerity in what he does hurts. I can live with a difference of opinion but his refusal to even search for the truth as journalist is baffling.

Blocking and reporting sounds easy. But how do you stop online attacks when they're funded by mafia-esque regimes in #MENA ? @TwitterSafety  We also have to deal with actual trolls who are triggered because we're exposing their weak, corrupt "leaders." Truth hurts. #PressFreedom 

Just because a man is Brown, Muslim, and famous doesn't make him cool. I'm not here to sell you lies, I'm here to speak truth. And the truth hurts. @adidas  #ImpossibleIsNothing  #ReclaimTheNarrative 

Happy Birthday, @lizzo ! 🎉 Thanks for giving us the ultimate getting ready soundtrack! Juice Soulmates Tempo Boys Good As Hell Truth Hurts

Ex-VP Binay on PTV-4’s #DutertePalpak ’ tweet: ‘Sometimes, the truth hurts

'SOMETIMES, THE TRUTH HURTS.' Former Vice President Jejomar Binay came to the defense of the PTV personnel who tweeted the trending hashtag #DutertePalpak  alongside the name of President Rodrigo Duterte, a gaffe that took social media by storm.

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No 180 turns here! Just progress moving at a 45’ angle. The truth hurts some people but common sense and pragmatism usually leads to phenomenal success. See you @SALTConference ⁩! Scaramucci blasts Republicans for opposing Biden's rescue plan - CNN

The truth hurts, but the reality is that military sexual assaults are not isolated incidents, but a symptom of deeply ingrained cultural & institutional failures. For too long, the scourge of military sexual assault has been swept under the rug & dismissed with plans & promises.


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Unemployment help lapses for millions of people who are out of work, and the President golfs. States need help distributing the vaccine, and he pouts. Soldiers won’t get expected pay & benefits, and he rants. The truth hurts. But his actions hurt more.

Truth hurts , take it on the chin like we all have to :) x

The truth hurts, but lies are worse.

Nancy Pelosi did not call Trump an insulting name like he does to people. She didn’t say he was a fat slob. She used the correct medical term to describe his weight, which does increase his health risks. It’s not her fault the truth hurts his ego. #morbidlyobese 

The hard truth is that the Republican Party hurts women. They demonize them for their medical needs, cut off crucial health care, and they create loopholes to allow businesses to exclude coverage. To make sure these efforts stick, they pack the courts.

I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN 

@AfikBijaoui comes with the job. More press looking for stories than any truth. Hurts sometimes but I got all of u. Thanks