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"A conversation is a dance that requires partners to be in sync — it’s a mutual push-and-pull that unfolds over time. Just as the way we ask questions can facilitate trust and the sharing of information — so, too, can the way we answer them."

"That's called a threat. That's called I will put New York at the end of the list," Gov. Cuomo says, discussing Pres. Trump's remarks on New York receiving a Covid-19 vaccine last. "But look — I don't trust the president."

To achieve its longterm goal of better health outcomes, this hospital pursued a jobs program, solving people's immediate need for more stable income and increasing the community's trust with the hospital.

Former ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales says Martires' circular "does not carry out the spirit of the law which means that public office is a public trust." #RapplerIQ 

Bilingual, Vietnamese-speaking San Jose police officers are walking the sidewalks of the city's Little Saigon neighborhood, hoping to rebuild trust among residents, step by step.

“We need a strengthened, inclusive + renewed multilateralism built on trust + based on international law that can guide us to our shared goal of a world free of nuclear weapons”, @UN  chief @antonioguterres  said for Intl Day for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

In the wake of damaged trust between communities of color and law enforcement following a number of police shootings across the country, the city announced the first round of appointments to the newly created Police Civilian Oversight Board Friday.

"How can we trust an administrator who doesn't inform one of his priests that he was named in a lawsuit in July 2020?"

Some experts put much more trust in a vaccine than others.


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Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to put New York at the END of the Vaccine List in that he doesn’t trust the @FDA  or Federal Government, even though the Vaccines are being developed by the finest Labs in the World. Wish he trusted us on Nursing Homes!

Masks work. Climate change is real. Vaccines are effective. Trust scientists.

Thank you for these moments skip. I couldn't explain the mutual trust, respect and understanding we share better than these two videos I'm posting here today. The first one explains perfectly well who he is , selfless in the most intense moments....

Bill Nye is fed up. And I’m with him. Trust science. “We’re all one species.” I’m here for all of this...

ALLAH is the reason why even in pain, I smile; in confusion, I understand; in betrayal, I trust; and in fear I continue to fight ??♥ #M1 Ö

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again, trust your ideas ,be your biggest cheerleader and be smart about it cause fuck em

Please retweet & use #BeKindToElephants  , and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The trust'>David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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