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this framing of this headline is redolent of so much of cosmopolitan America's engagement with Trumpism.

Biden crew redirects traffic between political and corporate America. And it has more to do with retroactive rebukes of Trumpism than PC, 'wokeness' or 'cancel culture.' via @Newsday 

RUMBLE: @AnandWrites  joins me to discuss the first weeks of the Biden administration, the difference between "Scranton Joe" and "Delaware Joe," how Trumpism is a "revolt against the future," and how America will become a "superpower of color." Spotify:

Tellimer - US Foreign policy takes shape under Biden, but shadow of Trumpism looms large: \"I speak today as President of the United States at the very start of my administration, and I’m sending a clear message to the world: America is back. The…

The distinction between Republicanism and America First Trumpism is growing ever smaller

Opinion | America needs to learn from the history of strongmen or Trumpism is going to continue to destroy US democracy. By @ruthbenghiat .

You guys don’t appreciate how rare it is for anyone American public life to own their mistakes. Not one pundit or columnist I can think of has ever done it, even or especially regarding getting Trumpism and fascism badly wrong. Intellectual honesty just isn’t valued in america

Trump's CPAC speech will double down on 'Trumpism' and America First

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Trumpism radicalized the GOP, destabilized America and led to violence and insurrection. Kahanism poses the same threat to Israel@EricYoffie  Opinion

“Social attitudes are becoming more and more extreme, too. Nationalism and fascism have resurged around the globe. America was wrecked by Trumpism. Britain destroyed its own future with Brexit. India turned to Modi, who blamed Muslims for all their woes.”


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Firings, Foosball and a Conspiracy Theory - a case study in how Trumpism worked at the Voice of America My story for NPR

There are no by-standers in America today. You either are actively fighting to save the country from Trump and Trumpism or you are supporting both either directly or via your passivity in the face of their racism, misogyny, nativism, religious intolerance, corruption and abuses.

JUST POSTED: Trump may lose, but Trumpism is here to stay. Nearly half of voters endorsed a racist bully whose ineptitude has led to deaths of tens of thousands. This shows Red America still craves the political civil war Trump has inflamed. Please read/RT

I was at Steve Bannon’s rooftop Election Night party when reality started to set in—then I got dramatically kicked out. On failed prophecy, cognitive dissonance, and the future of Trumpism in America:

The GOP is filled with great Americans who love our country it’s the leadership that has hurt it The Party of Lincoln and Reagan replaced by Trumpism. Nov 3rd America will send Trump packing. The Party needs a reset: protect individual freedom and liberty, reject prejudice.

Please stop what you're doing and read this story. Violent, armed, right wing groups are popping up to fight civil rights protesters all around the country. Their violence is fueled by Trump lies and a hallmark of Trumpism. This is his America.

"This ticket belongs to the emerging America," @JoyAnnReid  says of the Biden-Harris ticket. "The America that Trumpism, and anger, and meanness cannot stop."

Trump plans to blow up G-7 by touting America's economic successes and gloating over European struggles. Meanwhile, WH advisers are privately warning of a slowdown. This says it all about the massive fraudulence at the core of Trumpism. My new piece:

A note about Tuesday: No matter what happens, Trump and Trumpism will not be defeated in one election. Or two elections. This is a long term struggle for the future of America and the world