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best twitter accounts to have followed in the past four years if you want to understand the Trump era, perhaps not in reporting but in tone: @ditzkoff  @david_j_roth  both have been invaluable as interpretators of the era & what Trumpism actually is.

ha yes, "Trumpism has a high floor" is a much more normal and clear way to rephrase my weird human pyramid metaphor

@NateSilver538  the way I think of it is Trump(ism) is the bottom layer of the GOP's human pyramid. they can reach "higher " w/ voters in certain areas by stacking other layers on top--a Collins here, a Romney there--but right now the whole thing pretty much falls to earth w/o the Trump layer

This all brings me back to yesterday’s point — Trumpism is a macroeconomic phenomenon. If you juice growth enough to get interest rates back up it will go away (and growth is good).

Thesis that might be worth exploring: Trumpism isn't a terribly effective electoral strategy—its track record is mediocre at best, even considering how much overperforming with noncollege whites helps with the Senate etc—but it's not clear that the GOP's alternatives are better.

President Rouhani celebrates the defeat of "Trumpism" and offers an "easy" solution to the nuclear deal issue

“The activities of Donald Trump are meant to…set himself up for the post presidency Donald Trump and the perpetuation of Trumpism,” Basil Smikle says, discussing Pres. Trump continuing his election lawsuits.

As you watch Ted Cruz defend his turkey, know that it’s an attempt at performative Trumpism, @paulwaldman1  writes. "When you see Josh Hawley charge that it’s elitist to point out that he doesn’t have a home in Missouri, that’s Trumpism, too."

US dodged bullet of an autocrat president, but chronic Trumpism will be a challenge to both Biden and Republicans: Stanford professor


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trumpism'>Final Days Trumpism: it is way worse than we originally thought. Criminal investigations and felony indictments. There will be no Trump hold on the GOP— just watch how quickly this happens. Btw Trump had no negotiating leverage and he knows it.

“The idea is not just to beat him, it is to end the scourge of Trumpism in this country forever.” —Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville

Part of what makes Trump so potent in harnessing his base is that he genuinely feels bitterly aggrieved all the time, for his whole life, despite his immense privilege and power. It’s the molten core of Trumpism.

You know what defeats the hatefulness of Trumpism? The largest electoral margin defeat since Goldwater. That is what he deserves. A humiliating, historic landslide loss. And that is actually possible.But it takes a bigger coalition than your twitter bubble. Build the army.

rich retirees cruising in golf carts yelling “white power” is the essence of trumpism

“We are in the twilight of Trumpism. He is a spent force. Events of this spring and summer have emasculated him; he wasted his presidency tweeting, making a fool of himself, and demeaning the stature of his office. It’s over.” ~ @roddreher ⁩

To be clear, and to repeat myself for the nth time: If you claim to dislike, abhor, reject, or oppose Trump and Trumpism but you then don’t vote against him in November, no matter who the Democratic nominee is, you’re either a liar or a fool. Or both. #JustSayin 

Here is a New Year's Resolution I hope you will share with me. In 2018, we will not only intensify the struggle against Trumpism, we will increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land.