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Both liberal and Trumpian circles share the same unconscious belief—the belief that Trump possesses supernatural powers that either threaten to or will happily make him unstoppable. @SteveKornacki  joins the @Commentary  podcast to discuss ▸ #Polling 

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If you think that U.S.-China tensions are an outgrowth of Trumpian racism, and will disappear if and when Trump exits the stage, you should probably think again. The roots of the conflict are far deeper, and will long outlast Trump.

Here's legendarily rabid right wing historian Robert Dallek using the Trumpian lingo. 2/3

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Just a perfect example of how the alleged goals of US fossil-fuel policy—that an unregulated free-for-all of extraction makes us more independent, boosts our national security, etc—is completely undercut by Trumpian deregulation and anti-climatism.

4/Pro-immigration sentiment has steadily increased while Trump has been in office. This is no coincidence. It's because people have seen the results of Trumpian xenophobia. ZERO gains for our nation, just a lot of social division and high-profile cruelty.

By targeting Hunter Biden, making the debate moderator the enemy of the president, and casting other Trumpian grievances into the air, the Trump campaign can try to take the focus away from the pandemic that continues to drag his presidency into a deficit

5 questions for Casey Mulligan and Michael Strain on Trumpian populism by me via @AEIdeas 

Our BBC is under existential threat from right-wing, Trumpian tactics | @y_alibhai 

@kltblom  Yes there's been more interest in the WaPo's use of the word "left " in the headline than in all the fascinating detail about how the population has swung away from Trumpian beliefs on fair trade and immigration.....

“On the Trumpian right, “the polls were wrong before” isn’t merely an observation, it’s a catechism," writes Jonah Goldberg "And on the anti-Trumpian left, it’s a constant source of anxiety bordering on panic. It’s making a lot of folks a little crazy.”


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Here's secret video I obtained from Trump's deposition in the Trump University fraud case. Watch what happens when he's asked if a false statement used to sell the course was indeed inaccurate. He says, "It depends on how you're talking about 'accurate.'" How Trumpian.

I'll start believing the media's concerns about a Trumpian coup are legit when they start asking Joe Biden about conceding the election, packing the Supreme Court, killing the filibuster, adding states...or really, anything at all other than "WHY IS THE ORANGE MAN BAD?"

Barr is not just a Trump enabler. He's a Trump instigator, paving the way toward Trumpian fascism. He's the most dangerous person in Trump's Star Wars cantina.

Why isn’t every elected Democrat on Twitter talking about - raging against! - this horrific and deeply consequential story? The latest Trumpian assault on vote by mail and, therefore, on democracy? Why?

I agree absolutely with my colleagues Andre Geim and Martin Rees. Beyond the immense practical difficulties, Brexit is seen as a Trumpian, nativist project by those who Johnson pretends to value. Scientists will be seeking visas to leave, not to come here.

This ‘was it the sister was it the parents?’ bullshit is a classic little Trumpian distraction tactic. He was infected and put others at risk(unlike Ferguson and Calderwood) It is as clear and dangerous a breach of lockdown rules as you could imagine and worse than those two. 1/3

It’s not the lying per se that’s Trumpian. Johnson is clearly not deranged. But the way his abject dishonesty is ignored, excused & even denied by politicians & journalists - some deliberately, some still blinded by ‘balance’ - is every bit as disgusting as anything in America.

I never thought the term Orwellian would have a suitable synonym. I was wrong. Trumpian. Although that word has multiple definitions. (See also corruption, divisiveness, ...)