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'While this is unlikely to escalate to the Trumpian level of tensions seen in 2017, and nor in this case will China be so willing to help, it will certainly test Washington’s resolve' - Tom Fowdy

this is also the 2nd time Cantrell has used Trumpian language in talking about her plan to move City Hall to Congo Square. “I am open to feasible alternative proposals, but I will not allow the Auditorium to be demolished by neglect. (Feasible funded proposals are welcome.)”

Trumpian FOMO? Maggie Haberman Reports Biden-Putin Summit Underscored for Trump ‘He’s Not President Anymore’

Biden’s Trumpian outburst puts his Putin challenge on full display

Analysis: Biden’s Trumpian outburst puts his Putin challenge on full display | @KnottMatthew 

Slovenia's leader, whose country is about to take on the EU's rotating presidency, is on an offensive against his media critics that some call 'Trumpian.'

There was quite some vindication for Trump's reset of trade policy in Biden's visit to EU HQ yesterday. Trump's steel tariffs are untouched and a torturous accord on ✈️was immediately packaged by Biden as a check on China, ensnaring the EU ever deeper into that Trumpian crusade.

Really interesting US vs France point on vaccines. In the US, there is a political divide whereby Trumpian states have much lower vaccination rates. In France, there is no link between far-right voting and vaccination. @thomasforth  @smotus 

The worst thing about is that it's owned by mask-denying, covid-denying far right Trumpian conspiracists who defied public health orders, flooded their social media with culture war bullshit, and became a rallying point for every Bircher, Klansman and Qanon in the Valley. 11/

“They saw their viewers hemorrhage over to Newsmax and OAN. How did Fox respond to that? Fox responded by becoming more Fox, more Fox-like and more Trumpian.”


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Here's secret video I obtained from Trump's deposition in the Trump University fraud case. Watch what happens when he's asked if a false statement used to sell the course was indeed inaccurate. He says, "It depends on how you're talking about 'accurate.'" How Trumpian.

Myanmar's coup leader Min Aung Hlaing was so out of touch with the people of his country that, Trumpian style, he seemed to believe that the only way his party could have lost the recent election was through fraud. In fact, his party was trounced.

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I'll start believing the media's concerns about a Trumpian coup are legit when they start asking Joe Biden about conceding the election, packing the Supreme Court, killing the filibuster, adding states...or really, anything at all other than "WHY IS THE ORANGE MAN BAD?"

With 17 states now joining Texas to overthrow the results of the election, it is now clear that outright opposition to democracy is not at the Trumpian fringe but rather at the outright center of the Republican Party.

For the media. We need you to step up and describe what is happening to our country. Use the words. “Authoritarian.” “Unlawful.” “Autocratic” “Illegal.” It’s not “dramatic” or “trumpian.” Or “risky.” This isn’t a show.

Good footnote here from Kagan's dissent in tonight's WI ruling at SCOTUS, calling out Kavanaugh's Trumpian framework on late-arriving votes:

Barr is not just a Trump enabler. He's a Trump instigator, paving the way toward Trumpian fascism. He's the most dangerous person in Trump's Star Wars cantina.

Why isn’t every elected Democrat on Twitter talking about - raging against! - this horrific and deeply consequential story? The latest Trumpian assault on vote by mail and, therefore, on democracy? Why?

This ‘was it the sister was it the parents?’ bullshit is a classic little Trumpian distraction tactic. He was infected and put others at risk(unlike Ferguson and Calderwood) It is as clear and dangerous a breach of lockdown rules as you could imagine and worse than those two. 1/3

It’s not the lying per se that’s Trumpian. Johnson is clearly not deranged. But the way his abject dishonesty is ignored, excused & even denied by politicians & journalists - some deliberately, some still blinded by ‘balance’ - is every bit as disgusting as anything in America.