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Mexico has their own Trump-style guy now. He’s hideous.

The approach Biden's team took during the 2020 primary and general elections represented a departure not just from Trump's style of politics but Obama's, too. Read@NoahCRothman 's full article: Barack Obama: The First ‘Extremely Online’ President

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Au revoir 'America First': Biden team ditches Trump-style nationalism with foreign policy picks

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Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman says Biden won't engage in Trump-style boasting — and his team will be unlike the 'quacks and hacks' in the incumbent administration

“Voters seem to have issued not a mandate for the left or the right but a muddled plea to move on from Trump-style chaos.” via @nytimes 

Engaging in Trump-style denialism, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam claims a Legislative Council devoid of pro-democracy members will not be a “rubber stamp.”

Mmusi Maimane: To those trying to import Trump-style politics in SA, see how this movie ends: "Colonialism values, apartheid values are not coming back in fashion. They are being rebuked by the world, especially by the youth."

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"The perception that Johnson is a Trump-style leader -- whether it is fair or not -- has traveled across the Atlantic. Biden himself was reported to have described Johnson as a 'physical and emotional clone' of Trump last December." Analysis by @lukemcgee 

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has survived a vote of confidence. His allies warned Trump-style smear tactics were infiltrating Irish politics.


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Some commentators are going to use Trump-style 'both sides' rhetoric to equate anti-racists and fascists. Black Lives Matter protesters are driven by anti-racism. These thugs are driven by the fetishisation of violence and hate. There's no equivalence.

Reporting on Steve Bannon isn't easy. I spent four months making this documentary about his plan to foment Trump-style populism in Europe. We discovered his project to help rightwing populist parties would be illegal in most of his target countries.

One reason right-wing extremism is gaining ground in Britain is there's been a deliberate attempt to portray the left as an equal (or greater) threat. This Trump-style "both sidesism" has been mainstreamed, and disastrously understates the seriousness of the right-wing menace.

Progressives: If Trump-style Republicans were trying to impeach a President Biden, Warren or Sanders, and there was evidence of guilt, would you vote to convict? Answer honestly.

California Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, gave a master class on Saturday in what real leadership looks like and offered a sharp contrast to President Trump's style of governance, writes Dean Obeidallah for @CNNOpinion 

Boris Johnson kippered. But a warning to all journalists: without a significant change in behaviour as prime minister, assuming BoJo does indeed win Tory leadership, Britain risks entering a Trump-style, fact-free zone starting next week

“The last time we opted for Trump-style isolationism, it made the Great Depression longer and more painful.” —Hillary

Donald Trump's style of politics is garnering a new title in the Spanish-speaking world

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