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Florida Trump toady, University of Miami alum and ‘The Apprentice’ third season loser @ErinElmore  humiliated on international television (and I don’t just mean her fake bookcase backdrop) #BecauseMiami 

The Trump legacy: hundreds of thousands dead; infection raging through the country. Incompetence and willful negligence. Every political toady and media organization that aided this are culpable.

Mike Pence is a such a soulless, cowardly toady that even after Trump urged his followers to hunt him down as they chanted “hang Mike Pence,” he still won’t do anything about it.

But should Trump resign—I think it’s his best option now—Pence, ever the bootlicking toady, will likely pardon the man who literally attempted to murder him this week. That’s amore!

Fox's Maria Bartiromo 'losing a lot of respect' from former colleagues after transforming into a Trump toady

Even for Graham, who has comfortably settled into his role as top Trump toady over the President's first term -- this feels like a new line that he has crossed

Trump will "be remembered as the president who treated every civil servant as a personal servant, every cabinet secretary as a toady, every critic as an enemy, every enemy as a role model and every supporter as a fool," Bret Stephens tells @gailcollins 


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None of it is hyperbole folks. Trump and the toady he installed are literally trying to sabotage the us postal service, an almost 250 year old institution.

To: Every Trump sycophant, toady, enabler, lapdog, flunky, doormat, puppet, suck-up, and hanger-on. What do you plan to tell your children and grandchildren when all this is over?

We’re facing the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, Fed is the only competent economic policymaking body we have, we probably don’t want to put a nutjob Trump toady who does all her media interviews from Trump properties on the Fed Board

Barr’s job being…. to toady for Trump without Trump being so brash as to out him?

Serious questions: Did Lindsey Graham ever have any moral scruples? I mean, when he was a teenager, or young adult or new member of Congress? If yes, whatever happened to them? Why has he turned into such a lying miscreant of a Trump toady? Does Trump have something over him?

Just a few months on the job and Trump’s second FBI Director is already threatening to resign in the face of overwhelming and inappropriate political interference by the president and his toady AG.