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If you wanted to name a scam for Trump and Scott Walker to work together, "Foxconn" sounds kinda lazy. But the fuckers pulled it off. #Wisconsin  taxpayers paid $4.5 BILLION to Foxconn. The company then brought in Chinese workers to fill the jobs.

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EXC Pence political group includes Trump White House figures Kellyanne Conway, Bob Lighthizer, Larry Kudlow, Russ Vought. Ambassadors Kelly Craft and David Friedman. As well as conservative movement figures David McIntosh, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Jim DeMint, Scott Walker + more

“He got billions of dollars’ worth of free media partly because he was compulsively watchable but also simply because he is Donald Trump, celebrity buffoon, rather than, say, Scott Walker, sad-eyed governor of one of 50 states.”

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday's violence in D.C., where pro-Trump protesters breached the Capitol and clashed with police.

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I always laugh when people refer to @Scaramucci  as a "longtime Trump associate." He was working on Scott Walker, and then Jeb Bush's campaigns before he jumped to Trump in May of 2016. Mooch and Trump barely know each other.

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Foes of Scott Walker, Robin Vos and Donald Trump have tried genteel, traditional politics. I often disagree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she’s right — the times call for hardball.

Former Gov. Scott Walker doesn't think the Trump campaign will have success changing the outcome of Wisconsin with a recount.

Ex-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says Trump faces "high hurdle" in recount

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told CBS News on Thursday that a recount in his state could be warranted, but offered little assurance to the Trump campaign. CBS News projected Biden to win the state Wednesday afternoon.

Former WI Gov. Scott Walker (R) Casts Doubt On Trump’s Chances Of Recount In State


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Wisconsin’s GOP Gov. Scott Walker conceded to Democrat Tony Evers, losing by 1.15%. He can’t contest the results because of a law he himself signed soon after President Trump won Wisconsin, saying recounts are only allowed if the vote difference is less than 1%.

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I feel like it’s not getting enough attention that Scott Walker and Donald Trump kicked dozens of families out of their homes and gave away millions in taxpayer dollars for an LCD factory that is never coming to Wisconsin

Remember that giant Foxconn deal President Trump celebrated with Scott Walker? Foxconn says it no longer plans to build a factory in Wisconsin:

BREAKING: Trump has been notified Zinke plans to step down and has begun searching for replacement. Names that have emerged include Nevada’s Dean Heller, Nevada’s Adam Laxalt, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Idaho’s Butch Otter, Utah’s Sean Reyes and others.

Tony Evers won the Wisconsin governor race, beating Gov. Scott Walker and buoying the hopes of Democrats in a state that helped secure Donald Trump’s presidency

NEW: Democrats score a huge upset in a Wisconsin special election where Trump won by 17 points in 2016. What’s more, Scott Walker tried to prevent this election from happening. A court had to order him to call it.

If you’ve pundited about how “the deplorables” was a huge gaffe or about how Democrats need to do more kowtowing to Trump voters, but don’t have much to say about this Scott Walker tweet, please find something else to do with your life.

I sat down with incoming NJ governor , whose big left-wing agenda ($15 min wage, sick leave, legal weed, resistance to ICE, etc etc) could make him the Scott Walker of the Trump backlash era.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker joins Trump at small business round table in Eau Claire

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The order came down from Roger Ailes: Destroy Trump! Don't let him get off his zinger about how Mexicans are lazier than Scott Walker's eye