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It may be hard right now, maybe you lost your job, your business was destroyed by the lockdown or riots, maybe someone you know is sick But even in these dark times always remember it could be worse at least youre not a Trump reply guy

Brand suicide or savvy PR move? CEO of Hispanic food giant Goya praises Trump, inciting Twitter riots #useconomy 

Brand suicide or savvy PR move? CEO of Hispanic food giant Goya praises Trump, inciting Twitter riots

“Governor of Minnesota Walz is asking the federal government and President Trump to declare Minnesota a state of emergency because the damage he says to his state that were triggered by George Floyd protests and riots totaled $500 million dollars," @_Cappadonna_  reports.

Donald Trump's reelection strategy should bind Joe Biden to recent lawlessness, including riots and vandalism of monuments, said Charles Hurt.

@suzydymna  @realDonald TrumpRepublicans: For three years Trump fanned the flames of racism and encouraged police brutality, leading to the protests and riots. For months your mishandling of the coronavirus forced businesses to close and killed 130,000 Americans but vote for me.

Could the reason that Democrat run cities are #defundingthepolice  be that when riots, burning buildings, murders and rapes escalate, they plan to call in the United Nations? This will not happen with Trump, but I believe very likely with any Democrat president #MAGA2020 

New Commentary f/ @retinaldoctor  "This has always been about the election, along with the protests and riots. The so-called surge is just the latest chapter in the left’s quest to deny President Trump a second term." Is the COVID Surge MORE FAKE NEWS?

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Minnesota asks Trump to declare "major disaster" over massive riots damage


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The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Paris. Protests and riots all over France. People do not want to pay large sums of money, much to third world countries (that are questionably run), in order to maybe protect the environment. Chanting “We Want Trump!” Love France.

So a Trump rally is dangerous but thousands of people demonstrating is not a health threat. The anti-Trump bias of the media is amazing. Health professionals who said nothing during demonstrations and riots are deeply worried about a peaceful political rally. Baloney.

1. Amazing how the media and Democrats have worked tirelessly over the last several days to turn George Floyd’s death and the riots into an issue about Trump and his tens of millions of supporters.  Trump and his supporters had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

The official editorial opinion of Twitter is now live Trump's tweet saying "when the looting starts the shooting starts" is glorifying violence But calling for violence that supports the riots is not Twitter is insane to think they can run editorial for 340M people

It’s naive to think the riots and looting somehow hurt Trump politically. He is all that stands between the American people and the violence and chaos that comes with the full endorsement of the Democratic Party. At this point, Trump is heading for landslide victory in November!

The Trump Presidency has “already given us an impeachment trial, a deadly plague, and the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression,” @sbg1  writes. “We can now add the worst riots in a generation.”

THERE IT IS..... Trump and Barr are patrolling DC with federal prison guards trained to deal with prison riots and crisis situations in prisons.

As the wall goes up & Trump is re-elected & the Court goes 6-3 the Left will freak out like never before. They will threaten riots and secession. That is when our mettle will be tested, as our Republican predecessors were tested in 1860. Let’s steady our nerves for what’s ahead

BS lights are flashing red. In the last few days, Trump has claimed “Middle Easterners” traveling in the caravan, riots in California due to sanctuary cities and a middle class tax cut is on the way. None of this is backed up with any kind of substance from the WH.

Trump is merging his most horrific qualities at once to close out the midterms: 1/ blatant racism accusing nonwhites of rioting and Hispanic gangs of invading the homeland, 2/ shameless lying about said riots and fantasy tax cuts, 3/ covering up Saudi murder for personal gain.