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US judge dismisses case against former Security Adviser Flynn due to Trump pardon – but says this does not prove innocence

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His repeated claims of innocence notwithstanding, Trump may seek to preemptively pardon himself for federal crimes when he loses his presidential immunity after Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20.

Flynn praises Trump for 'Pardon of Innocence,' family says 'tyranny will not topple us'

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#TigerKing star Joe Exotic has formally asked President Donald Trump for a pardon in a 257-page application maintaining his innocence. The former Oklahoma zookeeper is in prison for an attempted murder-for-hire plot and violating federal wildlife laws.

Wow! Trump told us he could stand on 5th Ave, shoot someone & get away w/ it. Now we know he can sit in the Oval Office, & w/ the stroke of a pen, commute & pardon sentences for crooks & criminals while incarcerated individuals claiming innocence & asking for pardons are ignored!

We're just surprised Trump didn't underline Kavanaugh's innocence by granting him a full pardon on the spot.

Have the top civil rights groups and the Innocence Project there. Tell to make Jeff Sessions attend. Make the meeting about a massive criminal justice reform bill. And do it all on the record. Make it clear to Trump: this is bigger than a pardon. This is JUSTICE.

I rarely check Trump's twitter but today did. 13 tweets in 17 hours. From bragging, saying he can pardon himself, comments about international trade, pleading innocence, more bragging, complaints about fake news/witch hunts, to football teams disrespecting anthem. What a day.

For someone who claims "innocence" this guys sure acts guilty: President Trump on Monday asserted an “absolute right” to pardon himself of any federal crimes but said he has no reason to do because he has not engaged in any wrongdoing.

This idea that a conviction is proof of a witch hunt—that guilt is the surest sign of innocence—is really the whole ballgame. It's the Arpaio pardon, the Blankenship campaign, the Trump presidency.