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WATCH: One of America's most famous "suburban housewives" has a word for Trump's senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis who tried to insult Kamala Harris' voice

LISTEN: Trump Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis Can't Explain to Dan Abrams Why Mail-In Voting is Now Fine for Florida

Separation of church and state is a lie, according to Trump’s senior campaign legal adviser. “The left is going to tell you there’s this separation of church and state, and that’s just nowhere in the Constitution,” Jenna Ellis declared.

CNN's Brian Stelter gets called OUT for being an 'activist' by Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis, and he does NOT take it well

Most hilarious line you'll read today comes from Jenna Ellis, a legal adviser for the Trump campaign: “The president of course disagrees with this decision because he is a constitutional originalist.”

‘You’re not a journalist, Brian’: Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis calls Brian Stelter an ‘activist,’ and he does NOT take it well

How To Fight Executive Orders Tired of all the executive orders from governors? So's Jenna Ellis, a constitutional attorney serving as a legal adviser to Pres. Donald Trump. She tells how to reel in the overreach. @JennaEllisorg  @realDonaldTrump 

From my and @lachlan  ’s dive late last year on Trump’s new-ish legal adviser Jenna Ellis, after we noticed when she was first rising in the Trumpland ranks

Making Money with Charles Payne Today's Highlights Attorney for President Trump and Trump 2020 senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis reacts to President Trump’s acquittal in the impeachment trial. @JennaEllisorg 


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Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis slams Super Bowl halftime show for "exploiting and demeaning" women

Jenna Ellis, recently named a senior legal adviser to Trump and his reelection campaign, has defended conversion therapy and made anti-Muslim comments.

“She gets it,” Trump privately gushed about his new legal adviser, Jenna Ellis

What is President Trump's legal argument against impeachment? I asked Jenna Ellis, constitutional lawyer and legal adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, to make the case for the defense.