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Opinion: Trump’s plan for "pro-American" education would make China’s Communists proud

The unifying theme of the "anarchist jurisdiction" nonsense, the TikTok nonsense, and the "patriotic" education nonsense is that Trump basically understands his office as a kind of feudal lordship

After President Trump slammed 'anti-American' education across the country, will a more patriotic curriculum make its way into classrooms? Marissa Streit, CEO of @prageru , joins The Chris Salcedo Show to discuss. WATCH NOW [5:40PM ET] on Newsmax TV:

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It's not just Roe v Wade. Trump's Supreme Court pick could challenge Brown v Board of Education @agfhome  / The Independent)

Trump’s plan for "pro-American" education would make China’s Communists proud, @JEPomfret  writes

LISTEN LIVE: @ASwoyer  joins WIND @AM560TheAnswer  in Chicago to discuss where both President Trump and Joe Biden stand on their education plans #WashTimesONAIR 

It’s not just Roe v Wade. Trump’s Supreme Court pick could challenge Brown v Board of Education

"Key to getting the president on board with the idea, which involved Oracle & Walmart taking stakes in TikTok Global, was a thinly sketched-out plan to create a $5 billion education fund, described by people involved as a gesture to placate Mr. Trump."

President Trump’s ‘patriotic education’ commission can’t actually tell schools what to teach

TikTok says it will own U.S. subsidiary, disputes Trump's claim of $5 billion U.S. education fund

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Trump just announced he will soon be signing an executive order establishing a "national commission to promote patriotic education" called the "1776 Commission." It is unclear what that means but he has been trashing the 1619 project which aims to educate the nation with facts.

"Today I'm also pleased to announce that I will soon sign an executive order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education. It will be called the 1776 Commission,” Trump says in political speech at National Archives Museum.

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If you have health insurance, I'm asking you to fight for those who don't. If you're native-born, I'm asking you to fight for the undocumented. If you can afford an education, I'm asking you to fight for those who can't. The only way we defeat Trump is with human solidarity.

Trump and too many Republicans and Democrats in Congress want to approve a defense budget increasing military spending to $740 billion a year. Wrong! We should cut military spending and invest in jobs, education, housing and health care. I will introduce legislation to do that.

The Education Secretary’s brother has hired FOREIGN SPIES to target political rivals of Donald Trump. Disgusting.

President Trump will sign an executive order defining Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, thus bolstering the Education Department's efforts to stamp out "Boycott Israel" movements on college campuses

How is Trump proposing to pay for his tax breaks to the top 1%? With cuts to Medicare, to Social Security, to education, to affordable housing, to nutrition assistance and to retirement benefits. This is a budget of unbelievable cruelty, and together we are going to stop it.

Trump's donation to Dept of Education: $100,000. Spending cut to education in Trump's proposed 2018 budget: $9,200,000,000.

The Sec. of Education under George H.W. Bush just called Trump Education nominee Betsy DeVos "the enemy of public education."